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One Childhood, One Chance

Information Sent Home

Please see below copies of information and messages sent out via email & through


Wednsday 2nd December

Message for Team Peacock parents - Team Peacock will be taking part in a class reward this Friday afternoon. Children are invited to bring in their PJs for a movie afternoon on Friday.  Please contact the office if you would NOT like your children to watch the Wreck It Ralph (cert PG ) movie. 

Tuesday 1st December

Message for team Indigo parents - We are making ourselves Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer antlers and would like to photograph the children wearing them. We would also like to paint their noses with red face paint. If you would not like your child to have their face painted, please tell the teacher by Monday 7th December. Thank you.

Monday 30th November

Christmas cards and gifts are allowed to be brought in to school. We will need to quarantine them for 48 hours before handing them out!

Message to Team Sapphire - On Wednesday team Sapphire will be have a treat afternoon. Children can bring into school either their PJ's or a onesie, also one small treat eg. small bag of popcorn or some biscuits.

Friday 27th November

Message to Year 1 parents -  In Year 1, we will be making rain gauges. To do this, we will need plastic bottles (preferably the 500ml bottles). Please send these in next week. Many thanks.

Message to year 1 parents - Just to clarify, the love to learn tasks are on the weekly blog (on the Chilton Primary School website, under the 'Supporting Learning' tab). The blogs also outline the learning which has taken place and usually include photos of what the children have been doing in school. Many thanks.

Please use the below link to order your child's Christmas dinner for Friday 18th December. The form must be completed by Thursday 10th December and needs to be completed even if your child has a school dinner every day. Thank you.

Please find the newsletter and Christmas shop letter at the bottom of the page.

Good Morning, unfortunately the schools road crossing patrol man will not be patrolling the children until Monday 14th December.

Just a reminder to sign up for Christmas Dinner.  Pay online via please ensure you type ‘Christmas Dinner’ in the additional information box at the ‘Checkout/Basket’ (see below for the instructions)

Thursday 26th November

Christmas dinner will be on Friday 18th December. The following is the menu choice;

Traditional roasted turkey and gravy


Winter vegetable, cheddar & lentil wellington with gravy (V)

Served with sage & onion stuffing (wheat), crispy roast potatoes, peas & roasted carrots & parsnips

Rudolph's carrot flapjack (oats, milk)


Clementine & orange jelly

For parents that pay for school meals this can be done via PayPal on the principal's website.

If you child is in receipt of FSM (Free School Meals) they will automatically be allocated a Christmas Dinner unless your child states on the day they have brought a home packed lunch. 

Monday 23rd November 

Message for Year 4 - Reminder: Year 4 Egyptian Dress up day is tomorrow (24th November).

Message for Team Cobalt - Please see the post below with details of how to access home learning for Team Cobalt and a social story.

Friday 20th November

Good Afternoon If your child was due to have the flu vaccine on Monday 23rd November.Please contact the immunisation service 03001235205 to arrange for an alternative appointment at a community clinic.

Thursday 19th November

Message for Team Indigo - Please see the post below with details of how to access home learning and a class social story.

Wednsday 18th November

Message for Year 2 parents - For Year 2 face painting, we will now be using Blue Squid Face crayons. Here are the ingredients: 
Distilled Water 30%,
Color Lakes 30%, 
Glycerol 10%, 
Calcium carbonate 8%, 
Stearic acid 8%, 
Talcum powder 6%, 
Propylene glycol 5% and 
Candelila wax 3%. 

Tuesday 17th November

Message for Year 2 parents - Just to clear up any confusion or worries for Thursday's face painting. All students will have their own face paint pens and will be painting their own faces. No brushes or sponges will be used. They will be following their own clown plan and creating this on their own faces. This is linked to our next topic “The Greatest Show” and is part of our ‘Art Part’

Please let us know if you would not like your child to participate or have any allergies. 

Monday 16th November

Message for Year 2 parents - We will be face painting the children during our next topic lesson using Little Brain face paint. Please can you let your teacher know if you do not wish your child to participate or if they have any allergies. Thank you

Friday 13th November

The newsletter has been sent and is loaded at the bottom of this page

Wednesday 11th November

Message for Year 4 parents - Year 4 Egyptian dress up day will now take place on Tuesday 24th November. 

Year 5.  Please send your child into school with wellies / playground shoes. These must remain in their lockers.  The children are playing on the school field and will need footwear that can remain in school and get muddy even on PE days. Thank you. 

Tuesday 10th November

Message to Reception parents -  The Kent School Public Health team wishes all the new starters in reception good luck for their first year at school. Reception year is an important time for your child as they settle into school life. Children are offered three health checks in reception including hearing, vision and height and weight. We also ask ALL YEAR R parents to complete an online health and development review to help identify any health needs your child may have, so support can be put in place for them. We work in partnership with KCC so you will have received emails from them about this.

We offer health and development review questionnaires for children in YEAR R to help us to identify any health needs early so action plans and support can be put in place to give children the best start possible in primary school. A child may have a long-term medical condition, like diabetes, asthma or anaphylaxis, behavioural needs, or perhaps need counselling to cope with bereavement or a relationship problem. We want to support children to reach their full potential by identifying and supporting them with these needs. 

To complete the survey, please click this link The survey should take around 15 minutes and you will need to enter the password/location where your child’s school is located (please note, the link and passwords are case sensitive):

School Location                                                                        Password

Ashford, Dover, Folkestone & Hythe-                                 South2020

Dartford, Gravesham, Sevenoaks                                       North2020

Maidstone, Tonbridge & Malling, Tunbridge Wells          West2020

Canterbury, Thanet, Swale                                                   East2020

Open until the 30th of November

Once you have completed the survey you will receive a link to additional advice and guidance. Depending on your answers, a qualified School Nurse may also contact you to offer further support.  Don’t worry – the School Public Health Service is here to help.

Kind Regards

Emily Compton

Trainee Assistant Practitioner

School Health Service

Children and young peoples directorate

Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust 

Working days are Mon, Weds & Fri (9am-5pm)

Mobile: 07786275836

Single point of access: 0300 123 4496


Message from the Immunisation Team: Dear Parent/Carer, there is still time to complete the online consent form for your child to receive their nasal flu vaccination.

Please click here and enter our school URN which is: 141766

The online portal will close at midnight on 18.11.2020, and no late forms can be accepted after this date. Someone from our team may call  you to discuss the online consent process if we do not hear from you.

Watch this short film to find out what happens at a nasal flu clinic. What is the nasal flu vaccine?

Show your child this short film to help them understand the nasal flu vaccine What should I say to my child?

Monday 9th November 

For Remembrance Day on Wednesday, children are invited to wear their service uniforms to school (brownies, cubs etc.) should they choose to. Year 5 and 6 should bring their kit for PE and we will arrange changing for them. On Friday, for Children in Need, we are having a pyjama day for a donation. No need for PE kit for Reception children on that day!

Reminder: Please find the letter at the bottom of the page, that was previously sent out on 5th October. If you consent to the Flu Nasal Vaccine, the online form must be completed before Wednesday 18th November. Thank you.

Message for Year 6 parents - As part of our PSHE kindness topic the children will be learning about being safe and kind on line and the type of appropriate language used when talking to friends. They will be watching a video to support this learning which is a PG.

Team Periwinkle - Please see the letter at the bottom of this page regarding accessing your child's home learning. If you have any queries please feel free to contact Miss Cheshire ( or Miss Keam (

Team Sapphire - Please see the letter at the bottom of this page regarding accessing your child's home learning.

This is a reminder regarding Microsoft Team Account -  Please note we have created the username & password for your child's Microsoft Teams account. This is just in preparation should we need to use this system in the future. You will be able to access the information on the MCAS app or via click on the 'Reports' tab, when downloading the PDF please be patient.  For further instructions please see the letter at the bottom of the page. For support on using Teams, visit our website: 

Following on from the Microsoft Teams email, a reminder that the school ID for MCAS is 11453 should this be required.

Thursday 5th November 

On Wednesday 11th November we would like to invite any child that belongs to a service to come to school in their uniform, this is to help us all remember all those that have fallen and those that are still serving our country.
 Therefore if your child belongs a service group such as:

  • Brownies

  • Guides

  • Scouts

  • Explorers

  • Cadets

  • Please encourage them to come to school in their 'service' uniform for the day on Wednesday 11th November.

On Tuesday 17th November Year 4 are having an Ancient Egyptian Dress Up Day as the entry point for our topic. Please can your child come to school in their Egyptian outfit.

Please find the letter regarding PE Kits at the bottom of the page

Wednesday 4th November

Please can we remind all parents to follow the one way system during school drop off and collection every day. Thank you

Message to years 2-6 parents - Please find a playground shoes letter at the bottom of the page.

Please find absence guide at the bottom of the page.

Please find the poster at the bottom of the page.

Tuesday 3rd November 

Message to Year 5 and 6 Parents - On Friday 6th November, as part of the curriculum, year 5 & 6 will be learning about healthy relationships which will include sex education, keeping hygienic and staying healthy. If you have any questions, please contact the class teacher.

Reminder that photograph orders and money must be retunred to school by the 4th November. 

Monday 2nd November

Please find a letter from Mrs Lewis at the bottom of the page.

The deadline to apply for Secondary schools is today. If you haven't already applied please follow this link:

Important FSM information: Kent County Council has announced vouchers for food are available during half-term for families whose children are eligible for benefits related free school meals, so that no Kent child goes hungry. 

A dedicated helpline has been set up. Families who apply will receive one supermarket voucher of £15 per child.

Anyone eligible for free school meals who needs extra financial support to help feed their children can now visit call the dedicated helpline on 03000 41 24 24Families have until next Monday 2nd November 5pm to apply.

Speaking after today’s announcement, Mr Gough said: “Kent County Council and our partners in district and borough councils have already helped thousands of Kent residents, including families with school-aged children, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.  At the weekend, with the half-term holiday approaching, I reminded residents about the help the Kent Together helpline and webpage offer and urged anyone who was struggling to contact us. This dedicated helpline will streamline and speed up the process so we can get urgent help to those that need it.  This support for families in need has always been in place. I hope, though, that this helpline will enable people who need urgent help to get it, and to get it quickly. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we support the most vulnerable within our community. I hope that this service will quickly provide families with the help they need and ensure that no child in Kent is left to go hungry.” 


Friday 23rd October

The newsletter has been emailed and is available at the bottom of this page. It can also be read online here:

Or the House Captain video version is here:

Dear Parents and Carers, Please note we have created the username & password for your child's Microsoft Teams account. This is just in preparation should we need to use this system in the future. You will be able to access the information on the MCAS app or via click on the 'Reports' tab, when downloading the PDF please be patient.  For further instructions please see the letter at the bottom of the page. For support on using Teams, visit our website: 

Following on from the Microsoft Teams email, a reminder that the school ID for MCAS is 11453 should this be required.

Thursday 22nd October 

Year 2 parents - Tomorrow Miss Davey would like to show the film BFG as they have been reading the text in class. The film has a rating of PG. If this is a problem, please may you email Miss Davey to let her know. Many thanks.

Year 1 parents - As a behaviour reward for term 1, we will be watching a film with popcorn tomorrow afternoon. Please make your child’s teacher aware if they can not eat popcorn. 

Please find the letters from School Health to years R, 1 & 6 at the bottom of the page

Wednesday 21st October 

Year 2 parents - Please find a phonics letter at the bottom of the page.

The MCAS appointments for parent consultations have closed. Could you please contact your child's teacher directly to book an appointment. This is also a reminder that all appointments will be held virtually and your child's class teacher will be in contact to arrange this.

Tuesday 20th October

Please find a letter at the bottom of the page from Kent Educational Psychology Service.

Year 6 parents - Please find a letter from Chatham and Clarendon Grammar school at the bottom of the page.

Reminder: To end our first term at school and celebrate our topic 'The People Who Help Us' we will be having a dress up day on Thursday 22nd October. Your child could dress up as a postal worker, fire fighter, teacher, taxi driver, nurse, etc... Thank you!

Monday 19th October 

If you haven't booked a parent's evening appointment yet, please email your child's class teacher directly in order to arrange a meeting. Thank you

There are still spaces available at Viking Holiday Club for October half term. For further information please email

Message to Year 6 parents - Please find the postcard attached at the bottom of the page.

Reminder Year 2 that it is dress up day on Friday to celebrate the ending of our topic Time Travellers. Children can come in dressed up as any significant person from the past. On Friday we will also be trying a few foods from the past. If your child has any specific allergies please let the class teacher know'

Friday 16th October 

Please see the Halloween Trail Flyer at the bottom of the page

Thursday 15th October

Please see the letter attached at the bottom of page regarding Pupil Premium Funding.

Please see the letter attached at the bottom of the page regarding Pippa the Puppy!

Tuesday 13th October 

Year 1 Parents - To celebrate the end of our topic, we are asking the children to come in dressed as what they want to be when they are older (e.g. nurse, vet, pilot, gardener, doctor, builder, carpenter etc). We do not want you to spend money on these costumes, but be creative with what you have at home. They will need to come dressed in their costumes on Friday 23rd October. Many thanks!

Year 6 Parents - Please see the below letter from the Headteacher from Charles Dickens school regarding the vitual open evening. 

Friday 9th October

The newsletter has been emailed and posted to the bottom of this page.

It is available in an online format here:

You can also watch the video version here:

Thursday 8th October

Good afternoon, I hope that you all found the video last week useful. This week I have attached a video and powerpoint presentation entitled 'Learning to read and write in Reception'. If you have any questions about this please just drop me an e mail at

Unfortunately, some parents have begun to make the roads and pavements in Chilton Lane unsafe with their car parking.

Please do not park on the yellow zig zags markings around the school entrances on Chilton Lane. Doing so makes the road unsafe to cross. Please also do not park on pavements. Children are trying to get to school safely. Please take responsibility for your actions and keep Chilton Lane safe.

Wednesday 7th October

Reminder: Individual school photographs are tomorrow (8th October). Please ensure your child comes to school in full uniform. If your child has PE or Year 6 running club tomorrow, please can they wear full uniform to school and bring their PE clothes in a separate bag. Thank you!

Tuesday 6th October

Message to year 1 parents -Please could you send in any boxes you have at home for our topic lessons next week - the more the better! Many thanks! The Year 1 Team


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