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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 23.02.24

Important messages

World Book Day Thursday 7th March 2024

This year's World Book Day theme will be bedtime stories / reading for pleasure.  We invite children to share their favourite bedtime story book on this day and if they wish, come to school dressed in their bedtime clothing!  Children are invited to dress up as their favorite character from a book if they prefer another option.  We would like to remind families that there is no expectation for you to spend money on costumes.  An enjoyment of reading and sharing a story is our main aim for World Book Day this year.  

The Chilton Masked Reader

This year, we will share Chilton Masked Reader videos for World Book Day.  These videos will be created by our talented members of staff who will read a story without reveling their faces.  We hope our Chilton families will enjoy the stories and guess who the masked readers are! Links to these videos will be available on all school Blogs. 

Book Fayre

The Chilton Book Fayre will arrive on Monday 11th March and run until Friday 15th March outside the Year 5 classrooms. World Book Day book vouchers can we spent at the fayre. Cash and online payments are also available and a percentage of monies raised will go towards funding more books for Chilton children. 

Mrs Rowland-Hill - English Lead/KS2 Lead. 

Important Dates:

  • Saturday 2nd March – KS2 Cross Country at Quex

  • Monday 4th March – National Offer Day for Year 6 Secondary places

  • Thursday 7th March – World Book Day (more information to follow)

  • Thursday 7th March – Autism workshop in school hall 9:00

  • Monday 11th March - Science day (More information to follow)

  • Monday 11th – Thursday 14th March – Book Fair in school

  • Friday 15th March – Red Nose Day - Wear something funny for money

  • Friday 15th March – Parent Book Look 3:15 for Parent-Teacher Consultations

  • Monday 18th – Thursday 21st March – Parent-Teacher Consultations – dates and times coming soon

  • Thursday 21st March – Rock Your Socks Day in support of Down Syndrome Awareness

  • Monday 25th March – Come Dine With Me for Reception & Year 6

  • Thursday 28th March – Easter Egg Hunts

  • Thursday 28th March – Term 4 ends (normal time @3:15)

  • Friday 29th March – Good Friday

  • Monday 15th March - Term 5 begins


We have continued our learning on the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages.  From this, we began to find percentages of amounts, finding 1% first by dividing by 100.  Although this is an efficient way to be able to find any percentage of any amount, we also learned that there were some percentages that we should just know: 50% means half, 25% is a quarter, 75% is equivalent to three quarters and 10% is a tenth.  We have practised our fluency of finding percentages of amounts, making links to fractions and decimals.


The children have really enjoyed reading the first chapter to our new class text, 'Kensuke's Kingdom' (a teacher favourite!).  After the opening line, the children were captivated!  We have begun to write newspaper reports on the story.  Using hot-seating as a fun activity, we were able to understand the characters better, which in turn helped to write direct and indirect speech in our newspapers.  Next week, we will continue to work on our newspapers, adding in a bias viewpoint and passive voice.



We began the week by introducing British Values; the children discussed what they would do in certain situations and how treating everyone fairly is important in society (including in school).  We considered that rules are in place to keep us safe before learning about the 9 protected characteristics: attributes to our identity that are protected against discrimination.  As a Year 6 team, we created artwork focussing on how we should not be discriminated against based on our sexual orientation.


Later in the week, the children were introduced to our new topic: Path to Peace.  This is a history- and geography-centred theme dedicated to learning about World War II.  We asked the question, 'Can you ever really win a war?'  after playing a fun oracy game where we had to disagree with the provided statements.  This led into having to agree with the same statements.  In this way, we were able to appreciate different perspectives to the same thought.  


Love to Learn

Well done to everyone who has written a short speech for the Speaker competition.  On Thursday, the children were given time to practise them.  Your Love to Learn task is to perfect your speech.  We would like you to spend time editing your writing and practise the 'performance' of delivering it to an audience.  Next week, we will present the speeches to our own classes to find a Year 6 nominee.

Please also practise these spellings.  They all have the suffix 'ous', meaning 'full of'.  Note how the root words may change when 'ous' is added:

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