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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 13th March

Year 5 have had a wonderful week

Year 5 children are expected to read for at least 10 minutes every day and hand in their reading record daily. Please sign their record and encourage them to read a range of genres. There are banded books in school in addition to the books in the school’s library and the class book corner (including those in the ‘Classics Challenge’)


Rock Your Socks Off

Saturday 21st March is International Down Syndrome Awareness Day.  As a school, we will be taking part in Rock your Socks off on Friday 20th March.  Year 5 will be learning about Down Syndrome in the afternoon and taking part in an activity. 


On Thursday 26th March, our Breakfast Club are running an initiative in support of a local food bank. They are inviting all Breakfast Club members to come to school with ‘Bed Head’ in return for a box of breakfast cereal or jar of preserve (jam etc). The Club would like to invite the rest of the school to join in if they wish – to come to school with ‘Bed Head’ (and usual school uniform) in return for a donation of a breakfast item.

Learning this week:

English – This week the children have carried on reading Wolf Brother. They have explored the different language features and used their reciprocal reading skills to summarise the text. The children have also been preparing to write their own narrative about the life of a Wolf. They started by structuring a plan using a range of wolf information sheets and then wrote their narrative using a range of interesting words and phrases.

Maths – This week the children have learnt about reflection and translation. The children have used co-ordinates to help them plot and reflect shapes. They have worked in groups to solve translation problems and created their own translations.  

Science – This week the children have started their new topic. The children used different materials to create their own sculptures. They have also explored which materials make the best insulators and tested this by using different materials to keep water warm in a cup.



Home Learning:

We would like children to become ‘Material Detectives’ – we would like the children to investigate the different materials used to make everyday items found around their home, from toys to electrical goods, furniture and kitchenware etc. The children can present their findings any way they wish. Some ideas may include presentations, photos, collage, surveys, and bar charts.


There is no right or wrong way to complete a Love to Learn task! Please be as imaginative or as creative as you would like! Love to Learn tasks should be returned on the Wednesday following them being set. Whilst books may not be formally marked, in class we will spend time looking at and enjoying what everyone has learned at home and rewards and house points will be given!

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Correspondence for the Headteacher:

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01843 597695