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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Term 6! W/B - 1st June

Welcome back! We hope you had a brilliant half term break and enjoyed the glorious sunshine. Here you will find this week's learning updates - remember to share your brilliant learning via email (to your teachers) and on the Padlet below. Have a fantastic week :-)


Shout out!

Nadia has emailed a variety of impressive completed home learning activities - your presentation is beautiful - well done!

Jack and Tom continue to complete excellent home learning; here is Jack's English and Tom's Maths:


Finley has completed the Maths task brilliantly! He is also very excited about Friday's English task - great work!

Gracie continues to challenge herself with Y6 Maths work (well done) - this can be accessed on the Y6 blog:


Plenty of great photos emailed through of Freddie's home learning - keep it up!

English - Today you will need to use the structure of the story 'One Chance' and your plan from yesterday to write a short narrative based on this week's theme. The skills that you will need to focus on are using appropriate language to create mood, tension and atmosphere and applying speech accurately - use the attached document for tips!

Maths - Today's Maths requires you to use the data given and present it in the form of a line graph - complete the challenge attached!

SPaG - Complete the task attached that requires you to apply your understanding of commas in a varied activity.

Afternoon Activities - Have a look at the range of activities planned for you this week (attached); be creative and complete a daily activity.

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Shout out!

A huge shout out to Gabe who has been working extremely hard at home with his home learning - we are all very proud and keep it up!

 Gracie has been challenging herself by completing Y6 Maths work and here is some epic Science research - well done:

Evie.C has been completed some excellent Maths; you superstar!       


Here is some excellent English comprehension from Tom:               Jack has worked very well on using commas accurately, well done:


Some lovely Science work from Finley and terrific English writing from Maison - keep it up boys:


English - Now that you have a clear understanding of the story (One Chance), you are to plan a short narrative based on the structure and key events that you have read. Look at the template attached and think about how you are going to plan in vocabulary that will build tension/mood and using speech accurately between characters.

Maths -  Complete the challenge questions that continue to focus on interpreting data in a variety of ways.

SPaG - Today's grammar activity will require you to consolidate your understanding of using 'prefixes' correctly - complete the task attached.

Afternoon Activities - Have a look at the range of activities planned for you this week (attached); be creative and complete a daily activity.


Shout out!

A unique, creative piece of English work from Isabelle as she completed Tuesday's task - great stuff!

Evie.F has sent in some excellent home learning; excellent information of rock identification presented for your afternoon learning:

Another creative piece of English writing, this time from Finley:

Jack and Tom have been working extremely hard at home; here is Jack's Maths and Tom's SPaG. Keep up the good work boys!



English - This week's theme as been based on 'One Chance' - today you will need to read the story and answer the range of comprehension questions set (attached below).

Maths -  Today's Maths continues to focus on interpreting data from tables. Read the questions and the data carefully.

SPaG - Today's SPaG activity requires you to consolidate your understanding of using commas accurately - complete the task attached.

Afternoon Activities - Have a look at the range of activities planned for you this week (attached); be creative and complete a daily activity.


Shout out!

As most of you may know, James (in Year 3) challenged teachers to a Rockstar Battle on TTRS in which he raised over £200 for Asthma UK - what a fantastic achievement. His sister, Anna (in Year 5), was contacted by a journalist from CBBC Newsround and was asked, from a child's perspective, what life was like for someone shielding with Asthma - click on the link below to watch the video article: 

Well done Anna! You spoke beautifully and have done yourself, your family and Chilton proud! 

Well done to Finley who has sent in lots of home learning pictures and has even completed this week's Viking Games challenge - goo job:


Tom's been working really hard - here is some super Maths work:       Katie has written a creative poem - great English work:


Here is some of Alice's fabulous writing - great effort, keep it up:

English - Re-read your poem from yesterday and look at the new one attached - Mirror of Despairs. Today will involve you to choose a character in the poem, focus on the thing they fear most and write a diary entry about how they experienced - remember to refer to the features of diary and use your emotive and senses language to engage the reader.

Maths -  Today's Maths continues to focus on interpreting data from tables. Read the questions and the data carefully.

SPaG - Your grammar focus today is looking at 'prefixes' - complete the activity attached.

Afternoon Activities - Have a look at the range of activities planned for you this week (attached); be creative and complete a daily activity.

TTRS Guinness World Record Challenge -

Guinness World Records has created a new title - Highest score achieved on ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ in one minute - and TTRS are looking for players to aim for this special accolade. All the children have to do is submit a video of them playing a Studio game with the highest score in the world by 23:59 on 4th June 2020.

Should I enter?

Over the years TTRS have seen some incredibly high scores in 1 minute games, like the astonishing 186 in the video on the web link provided below. That gives you an idea of how fierce the competition will be for this Guinness World Records title. With lots of practice can you become the number 1 in the world?

Social media vs Official Attempts

We'd love you to share your efforts on social media using #FastestRocker and copying in @TTRockStars and @GWR but all Official Attempts must be sent by email to (see below for details).

Questions you may have: 

Can it be any game mode?

No, it must be a Studio game.

Can a player submit more than one Official Attempt?

Yes, so long as each Official Attempt is to show us a higher score than the last time.

Will we get to see the winning video?

Yes, the video will be uploaded to the Times Tables Rock Stars YouTube channel with comments disabled and the winner's rock name and country in the description.

Will we hear back from you?

If the score is 150 or above then yes, we will confirm receipt of your Official Attempt.

Can it be on a tablet?

Yes. Tablet, mobile phone, desktop, laptop…the technology doesn’t matter.

What does the record holder win?

Well, hopefully a lifelong satisfaction at being a Guinness World Records title holder! Also an official certificate and a lot of recognition from us at TTRS. There may well be press who would be interested in running a story on the winner. Please be prepared to be interviewed by friendly journalists.

Can players make Official Attempts at any other time of year?

Yes, once the first Guinness World Records title holder has been named, if the same person or someone else in the future beats the score achieved by the Guinness World Records title holder and meets the same requirements as before (i.e. sends the corresponding video to (opens in new tab)) then the adjudicators will review the evidence and update the Guinness World Records with the new details.

Here is the link for more details...

Further information is attached below.


Shout out!

Well done to Finley for a range of fantastic home learning sent in. We especially enjoyed your super story: 'The Great Fire Phoenix'


Some excellent Maths from Jack:                                       

Terrific home learning emailed in from Chloe - the story was thrilling!



English - This week's English focuses on the wishing tale 'Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it!'. Today will involve you exploring the concept of what the phrase means and using creative language to write a poem (see document attached).

Maths - Continue to use your skills of interpreting data in today's challenge activity that focuses on real-life examples.

SPaG - The skill you'll be recapping is the use of commas; look at the activity attached and complete.

Afternoon Activities - Have a look at the range of activities planned for you this week (attached); be creative and complete a daily activity.

Reading at home - The Education Endowment Foundation (EFF) have released some 'Top Tips' for parents when reading with the children at home. Please see the document below for some useful information to help support your child.

Writing Competition Update -

Welcome back all of you from a truly beautiful half term, we experienced the perfect weather for a bug hunt! I have been inundated with your poems so far, but remember, the deadline isn't until next Friday (12th June), so please keep them coming! If you have already submitted an entry... get back outside and write me another about a different creature you can find. If you haven't done one yet... what are you waiting for? I have some fantastic and very special prizes, and not just for the winners. 

Martyn and I are loving reading each and every one. So, go back to the videos on your blogs from the 12th May and remind yourself about how to create one of these poems (remember to like the video which is your favourite) and its illustration and then get writing!

I look forward to receiving many, many more of your wonderful poems.

Mr McAuley

THE VIKING GAMES ARE BACK!!!!!! but not as you know it.

This year we will be holding the ‘Viking Isolation games’. Throughout term 6 we will set you two challenges a week. The challenges have been designed so you can take part at home. Any of the equipment used we hope you have lying around. We even use a toilet roll and tea bag!

We would love as many of you to get involved and you could even challenge your parents!

How many challenges you do is entirely up to you it is all about having fun and keeping active. The Viking Games is competed in houses, so we would like you to wear your house colours when completing the challenges.

We would love to see you having a go so if you would like to send in pictures and videos to us please send them in to your school’s sport coach (please only send in videos and pictures if your child has parental permission for them to go on social media.

The emails are:, and

We look forward to seeing as many of you take part as possible. Have fun!

Mrs Horrigan, Miss Knight, Mr Noble

Viking Academy sport coaches.


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