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Daily Learning Updates - W/B 22nd June

Hello Y5 - we hope you had a superb weekend enjoying the sunshine and are now back ready for a week of fantastic learning! As always, keep uploading your work on The Padlet below as it's great to 'shout out' to your friends on there as well as emailing your teachers.


Shout out!

Great home learning from Gracie, Katie, Finley and Jack - good work!

Well done to Alice who has enjoyed reading and finishing 'The boy in the girls' bathroom'!


English - You should've planned your comic strip and possibly begun your fantastic short narrative. Continue with this today and remember to focus on those key skills and features (mentioned in the document attached). Add some colour to your pictures to make it look engaging!

Maths - Look at the document attached that continues to consolidate your understanding of area and perimeter.

SPaG - Complete the activity set that looks at spelling correctly when changing the suffix.

Afternoon Activities - You have a range of fun-filled activities attached and these are to be completed across the week.

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Shout out!

Well done to Nadia, Jack, Tom, Finley and Sophia or their excellent home learning!

English - This next task is to be completed today and tomorrow.

You now have a brilliant image and description of what your ‘extraordinary place’ looks like! This task will involve you to create a short narrative of something happening in your ‘place’ and you presenting it in the form of a comic strip. Look at the document and template to support your learning.

Maths - Complete the activity attached that focuses on area and perimeter.

SPaG - Today's learning task continues to focus on different word classes.


Shout out!

Great stuff from Finley who continues to always work had with his learning!

Tom and Jack have produced some excellent work too - keep up the positive attitude!


English - You have now all written your fantastically descriptive poem. Use the ideas generated from yesterday’s writing and the example attached as a stimulus to write a descriptive paragraph based on your setting. Look at the key skills required on the document attached to help support your writing.

Maths - A creative, practical task for you today. We would like you to have a go at drawing a floor plan of your house (upstairs or downstairs). You can then measure each room and calculate the perimeter - use the document attached to support your learning.

SPaG -  Today's learning will focus on using different word classes (adverb, verb, adjective, noun) - complete the task attached.


Shout out! 

As you were aware, BBC Newsround had been asking Anna to produce some videos relating to children, who suffer from asthma, cope during lockdown. Superb stuff - you present brilliantly and make everyone extremely proud! Please see her latest video via the link below: 

Gracie has been continuing to challenge herself with higher level Maths tasks - excellent effort!

Sophia has been working hard on her English task - great work!

Well done to Finley with his home learning - lovely to hear that he is keeping himself busy with some gardening (looks brilliant!):

Great work from Gabe as he has been completing a range of home learning tasks - well done, we are all very proud!

Ashley and Maison have been very creative in their learning and produced an engaging rap!

Millie and Will are continuing to work extremely hard in school - great attitude, super stuff!

Tom has completed some excellent Maths - keep up the good work.

English - Today's English requires you to use descriptive language and present your 'extraordinary place' in the form of a poem. Look at the key skills stated in the document attached - we look forward to seeing your learning!

Maths - Today's activity attached requires you to calculate the perimeter of rectilinear shapes - use your learning from yesterday to support completing this task.

SPaG - Complete the task attached which is based around using suffixes correctly.


Shout out!

Jack and Tom are continuing to work extremely hard making vast improvements - well done!


Creative learning sent in by Finley and Sophia - great stuff!


Nadia has emailed in a vast range of completed home learning tasks - superb presentation and excellent attitude towards your learning!

Well done to Sam and Freddie who have also been working hard with their home learning!

Big shout out's to Eilis and Alanna who have been in contact and engaging well with their home learning.

English - 'Extraordinary places!' This week you will be looking at unbelievable, obscure places, ones that only your imagination can access...These places could be wonderful or horrifyingly hideous (the places where your nightmares would be afraid to go!).

Look at the weird and wonderful places suggested on the document - using the questions to stimulate your ideas, choose one of the places, sketch and summarise with descriptive language (linked to the questions). As always, use the document to support your learning.

Maths - This week you will be focusing on finding the perimeter and area of composite rectilinear shapes. Look at the slides attached and use the information to complete the range of questions set looking at perimeter.

SPaG - Today's task requires you to use suffixes to spell words correctly - complete the activity attached.



The pictures and videos that you are sending in are fabulous, thank you.  

This week’s challenges have a twist.  The Olympics would have been happening this year in Tokyo but, due to the current circumstances, they have been postponed to next year.  All challenges from now on will be Olympic events.

You will be an Olympian!  Choose your country and participate in the event using your imagination!  I cannot wait for these pictures and videos :-)

The Olympic Challenges are:

Rhythmic Gymnastics


 Have a look at the links to give you some ideas!

Good luck!

Please continue to send them to

Miss Knight

'THRIVE' activities -

Thanet Inclusion Services provide activities to support children's mental health and well-being. Please find attached below this week's 'THRIVE' activities.

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