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One Childhood, One Chance

Daily Learning Updates - W/B 29th June

Morning Y5. We hope you had a great weekend and are ready for some excellent learning! Remember to keep updating us on your home learning!


Shout out!

Super work emailed in from Jack, Tom, Finley and Gracie - your teachers are very impressed with the activities completed and your continued positive attitude! Email in for some more shout outs on Monday morning! Have a lovely day :-)


You have written a persuasive text/advert using the key skills (from the toolkit) that you have been focusing on this week.
Time to get creative! In the document attached are a range of activities that you can choose from and complete – remember the key skills learnt this week and be engaging!


Today for a bit of fun on Friday we would like you to attempt the Mathematical Magic card tricks attached! Enjoy!
First I’ll read your mind…
- Think of a number
- Double it
- Add 6
- Halve it
- Subtract the first number you thought of


Look at the task attached and complete the creative activity that focuses on parenthesis.

Afternoon Activities - Complete the range of activities at your own leisure throughout the week - be creative and explore the wider curriculum!


Shout out!

Well done to Finley, Jack, Sophia, Tom, Gracie and Nadia for your continued hard learning! All the teachers are very impressed and looking forward to seeing more work from you - as well as everyone else! Don't forget to email in and give yourself a 'shout out' on The Padlet! :-)

Have a great day!


Today you will be writing your persuasive text/advert about your gadget! Look at the key skills on the document attached and along with your plan and previous learning throughout the week, produce your superb text/advert. It's time to get selling!!!


Have a look at the range of questions that focus on converting between unit of measure - use your learning throughout this week to help support your working out.


Look at the document attached and click on the link to access the fun-packed punctuation game!


Shout out!

Thank you for getting in contact! A much deserved 'shout out' goes to: Finley, Nadia, Sophia, Megan, Tom, Jack and Gracie - keep it up :-)

English - 

You now have designed your amazing gadget that you are going to persuade someone to purchase. Its features are out-of-this-world and you would be crazy not to buy it!
Today you are going to plan your persuasive text. Refer back to the modelled text on Monday’s lesson and use the structure, as well as the key skills attached.

Maths -

Continue with your learning focus of converting between imperial and metric measurements - look at the task attached and use your learning from the week to complete.

SPaG -

Have a go at the SPaG task attached which continues to focus on developing your understanding of parenthesis.


Shout out!

Well done to the following pupils who have been working extremely hard with their home learning: Finley, Jack, Tom, Sophia, Gracie and Evie - a big shout out to you all!


Later on this week you will be writing a persuasive text/advert for a gadget of your choice. Today you must design that gadget, labelling the key features of your drawing. Use the document attached to support your learning and prompt your ideas.


You should now have a greater insight into imperial and metric measurements from yesterday's research lesson. Today's learning continues to focus on converting between imperial and metric measurements - look at the activity sheet attached and complete the questions.


Today's activity continues with learning to use parenthesis for clarity - read the passage attached and answer the questions. 

Afternoon Activities - Complete the range of activities at your own leisure throughout the week - be creative and explore the wider curriculum!



Shout out!

Delighted to give Nadia, Freddie and Tom a 'shout out' for their hard work and excellent learning that they've been completing!

Also, a well done to Deniz, Finley, Sophia and Jack for their continued positive attitude and hard work!



English -  This week's theme is based around 'Gadgets'! Read the persuasive text attached and complete the tasks set. It's important that you gain a firm understanding of the text and it's features as this will form the foundations of this week's learning.

Maths - Today's learning requires you to explore and research imperial and metric measures - use the document attached to support your learning.

SPaG - Today's focus looks at parenthesis for clarity - look through the PowerPoint slides and complete the activities set.



The pictures and videos that you are sending in are fabulous, thank you. This week we continue to challenge you in Olympic events! You will be an Olympian! Look at the attached document to find out more details of this week's challenge!

Mrs Knight

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