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W/B 28th September 2020 Weekly Year 5 Blog

What a wonderful week Year 5 have had. We've continued some wonderful Maths and English learning and started our exciting Topic, Music, and French or Computing lessons! 

Important notice

Reading in year 5 plays an important part in the children's daily learning and there is an expectation that all children read daily either with an adult or on their own.  We ask that their reading records are signed daily by an adult and that the children are to hand these in daily; these will be checked by their class teacher. Please encourage your child to read and to change their book if they need.

Learning this week.

This week, the children have been focusing on emotive language in English. We have written diary entries and letters as Shackleton's men and Shackleton himself (offering an opposing viewpoint). We then edit and improved these focusing on our emotive language choices and our sentence structures. In Maths, we have spent another week looking at fractions. We played a fun game on Monday where we threw bean bags into buckets to help us understand equivalent fractions! We then simplified fractions, found fractions of amounts and found decimals equivalents for fractions. Year 5 has their first guitar lessons with Mr Cooney on Thursday afternoon this week! 

Learning next week.

In English next week, we will be working on writing a survival guide based on how to survive in Antarctica! We will be focusing on using subject specific language, paragraphs, sub headings and other relevant features of non-fiction texts. 

In Maths, we will be working on multiplication and division by 10, 100 and 1000 including decimals and multiplying two, three and four digit number by two digit numbers. 

We will be continuing our exciting 'Frozen Kingdom' topic by looking specifically about the different animals that live in the Antarctic and looking at their life cycles, behaviours and habitats. 

Music - The children will continue to take part in whole class guitar lessons on Thursday.  If your child has their own guitar, we are happy for them to bring theirs in to play.  We have guitars for all children and these will be cleaned after each child has used them.


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