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One Childhood, One Chance

W/B 26th April 2021 Year 5 Blog​​​​​​​

What a wonderful week of learning we have had in Year 5!

English – This week, Year 5 have continued to take inspiration from ‘The Piano’ following the old man’s journey as he recalls the horrors of war, the joy of childhood and the gift of new life (his grandson). These themes of war, childhood and grandchildren were echoed in the poetry we discussed, recited and performed in our Guided Reading sessions. Next week, there will be a change of pace (and text) as we begin ‘The Highwayman’.

Maths- ‘Time is a storm in which we are all lost’ or so said William Carlos Williams. If you were to venture into a Year 5 classroom at the start of the week, you may well have come to the same conclusion. With a little encouragement, and a lot of hard work, Year 5 quickly turned things around and are well on the way to becoming masters of time. Next week, we will be diving into number and place value learning to count in powers of ten and solve problems using these skills. In addition, we will be recapping our Roman numerals.

Topic- In our afternoon sessions, our focus this week has been the wonderful artist Sonia Boyce. We began our learning journey by researching the artist, understanding her background and her rise to recognition and international acclaim. After investigating the artist independently, children then decided on a format to present their findings to the class. Next week, we will continue to look at Sonia Boyce’s catalogue of work, discussing how she portrays people in her work, the colours and patterns used before using these as inspiration to create artwork of our very own.

Home Learning - To be handed in on Friday 7th May 2021:

Create a daily activity log for a day of your choice. In your log, you should include the start and finish time of different activities you do during a day. Remember, to have some fun with it and be as creative as you like!

Example – Mr C’s day log – Saturday 1st May

Start time                               End time                      Activity

08:20                                       08:45                           Morning coffee and breakfast

08:45                                       09:00                           Lion taming

09:00                                       23:59                           Hospital for lion taming injuries



Have a wonderful weekend.

The Year 5 team x

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