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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 8th October 2021

Well done Year 5 for another amazing week! Thank you also for all of your hard work with the MyMaths home learning!



This week, the children have been given the big question of 'Was Shackleton a bad leader?'. Within this, children have been writing from the viewpoint of the characters in our book, Ice Trap, gathering evidence to decide which characters they think would agree that Shackleton was a bad leader, and those that would disagree. We have been focussing on including cause and effect conjunctions and complex sentences within our writing, and have been working especially hard on challenging our vocabulary.  Next week, we will continue to explore this topic, but also begin to write persuasive texts exploring both sides of the argument.



This week, we have consolidated our previous learning of addition and subtraction and multiplication and division by moving on to apply these skills to solve problems. We practiced breaking the problems down step-by-step, using bar models for support. Next week, we will move on to solve problems involving time!



In Topic, we have been investigating the solubility of a range of items when put in water, including coffee, salt and rice. We concluded that salt is soluble but rice is not! We also conducted experiments to investigate how the stages of the water cycle work, including precipitation, evaporation and condensation. The year five teachers were incredibly impressed by the scientific observations that the children made from their own investigations!


Home Learning

This week for home learning, we would like the children to show the water cycle on the first page of their new love to learn books! This can be presented in any way that you would like! 



  • Sports Project is on Wednesday. Please could children come to school in their uniforms and trainers.
  • Swimming is on Thursday. Children will need to wear normal school uniform and bring their swimming things in a bag. Children can bring a snack of fruit to eat when they return to school if they would like to.
  • After swimming on Thursday, Team Cornflower will be leaving at the normal time of 3:15 and Team Sapphire at the later time of 4:15.

 If you have any questions or need to contact us, please do not hesitate to email us (,, 

Have a lovely weekend!

The Year 5 Team x 

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