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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Daily Learning 31.03.20

Good morning.

Firstly, here are the answers to Monday's SPAG:

1) Circle the nouns: A noun is name, place or thing - safety, class, trip

2) A word similar to 'afraid': scared, terrified, frightened, petrified, fearful, ...

3) An apostrophe is used for contracting words or to show possession: Everyone's costumes are over there.  The costumes belong to everyone.

4) A statement is a clear expression: Yasmin offered me a sweet and My favourite colour is orange.

5) Commas are used to separate words in a list or clauses: Ducklings, which are baby ducks, hatch from eggs. Here, we have a relative clause (which are baby ducks) so it needs to be separated by commas.

6) I lost the board game, and I lost at cards, but it didn't matter because i won at chess. 

7) Sentences should not start with co-ordinating conjunctions such as and, but or so.  I heard you were ill.  Are you feeling better?

8) A pronoun can replace a noun: I'm so pleased that we won the tournament.

9) A main clause will make sense by itself; it's a simple sentence: I won five pounds in the raffle.

10) Brackets are used for extra information.  The sentence should still make sense if the brackets were taken away: Mr. Green (Jacob's dad) lives next door to us.

11) Frances forgot to feed the fish yesterday.

12) Active sentences: The subject is doing something to the verb.  Passive sentences shows the object is having something done to it:

I was driven here by mum - Passive

I can grow fruits and vegetables - Active

We were shown round by the tour guide - Passive


Here are some maths challenges for today.  See how many you can do:


Here is the writing task for today:

Have a read of Evan's writing from yesterday:

After I got in position, under the soft, heavy blanket, I checked my phone to see the time. It was 21:46. it felt much later. A wave of emotions rushed through my body I was eager to know what this creature that has been keeping me up all night was; I also felt anxious about what might happen.

I waited all night but there was no noise. It didn't come and it was 05:15 so I went too bed before I went to school in the morning. I decided to go to bed as normal the next night as I was disappointed on my results last night.

It had not felt long since I had fell asleep when the high pitched screech echoed through my head. I jumped up out of bed to see that it was 03:00; I dashed to my window and saw a small rolled up ball facing the back wall of my garden. I sprinted down the stairs and into the darkness of the pulse raced as I got closer and my breath was heathy and fast but I must be quiet otherwise I might scare it away. 

My brain pushed me closer but I knew that I should get someone else to help me. I dragged my mum out out bed and into the garden to see that it had gone never to be seen again.  

And Bonnie's is attached, below:

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