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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Daily Learning 20.04.20

Good morning!  Please log on to Padlet as there is a question for you to discuss with others in your year group.  We would love to get more of you on this brilliant website so keep reminding each other about your daily learning whilst talking to your friends whilst on lockdown.

Here is the Maths work for today.  Remember, the further away from zero you go, the bigger the positive number or smaller the negative number.  For example, -12 is smaller than -8 (as -12 is further away from zero than -8) in the same way that 12 is bigger than 8 (as 12 is further from zero than 8).  It may help you to draw a number line:

For those who would like an extra challenge, click here to direct you to a more challenging task.

For your English task today, please click here.  This will take you to BBC Bitesize.  We would like you to write a setting description of the coastline.  If safe to do so, you can visit the seafront, write from your bedroom window or use your imagination!  Here are some photos too to help you:



Within your setting description, include the following:

- a metaphor to help you describe (a metaphor compares something to something else, like a simile: he is a lion in battle)

- expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective noun)

- ambitious vocabulary


Here is your Spelling and Grammar challenge for today.  The task involves using apostrophes in contractions (showing that letters are missing within a word, such as don't = do not)

Your Topic task is to write another factfile about another continent.  You can present this any way you wish.

Useful sites to help parents during home learning:

Have a lovely day!

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