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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Daily Learning 21.04.20

Good morning everyone!  It's lovely to see more people interacting on Padlet.  If you can get an account, please do sign up.  Teachers monitor it regularly and it is a great way to stay in contact with your friends.  Parents, if you have difficulty logging on, please email Mr. Wheeler at and it will try to be sorted for you.

Here is a riddle to kick start your brain.  Post your answers onto Padlet if you can.  What goes up but never comes down?

For Maths today, we'd like you to focus on Roman Numerals, which we learnt earlier in the year.  There are only seven letters and they can be used to represent every number in different combinations (except zero... the Romans never used it!) and there are no more than three of the same letter in a row.

i = 1     V = 5     X = 10     L = 50     C = 100     D = 500     M = 1000

If C = 100, CC = 200 and CCC = 300 but CCCC would mean four Cs in a row, which isn't possible (as it would be confusing and unclear) so the Romans wrote 400 as CD (literally means 100 before 500).  Take a look at the instructions in the picture for more support.  When completing your challenge, Arabic numbers means the numbers we use, 0-9. 

Here is your English task for today.  Be as creative as you want for your poem and any that get emailed will be uploaded here tomorrow.  Alternatively, upload yours yourself onto Padlet.

You will have a few more days to work on Topic so remember to make your Factfile informative.

Following on from using apostrophes for contraction, your SPAG for today involves using apostrophes for possession.  Click here 

Have a great day!

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