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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly Learning 30.04.21

This week, the children have been reading Chapter three of our gripping text, Kensuke's Kingdom.  From this, they have written in role of Michael, who has been keeping a ship's log of the journey around the world.  They have used idioms (phrases such as raining cats and dogs, full of beans and dead to the world) to write emotively and included key information about the trip.

In Maths, the children have used their knowledge of a range of lines and angles to find missing angles.  They have identified types of angles (reflex, obtuse, acute, etc...) and then problem solved to find angles.

The artist Hiroshige has interested us all.  This week, the children researched the man as well as Japan - his place of birth.  Afterwards, they learnt skills to recreate some of his work, including The Wave, which suits perfectly to our English text.

For your Love to Learn task this week, take photos (or draw images) of different objects around the house.  From this, identify the variety of angles that you can find.  Be creative!  Your English task is to write a prediction of what you think will happen next in Kensuke's Kingdom.  Remember, Michael has leaned over the boat to rescue Stella Artois and has fallen in himself.  Use these questions as inspiration to justify your thinking:

Do you think mum and dad have spotted Michael in the water?

Will Michael reach Stella?

Will Michael get back to the boat?

We know he doesn't drown as he is recounting this event but what happens to Michael?


Love to learn is due in on Tuesday 4th May please.

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