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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 07.01.22

Happy New Year and welcome back to Term 3! The children have come back to school with fantastic attitudes and have hit the ground running.


Children should bring in a spare pair of shoes in a carrier bag if they are going to play on the grass as it can be extremely muddy. 

Please remember to bring in your reading records. It is an expectation that teachers see these every day. Remember to quiz after you have read a book. 

This Week:

In maths this week the children have been converting units of measure. They started with a focus on converting between metric measures and moved on to imperial units.

In English, the children started to read ‘Leon and the Place Between’. The illustrations are an important part of reading this text and so the children spent time reading the picture for clues. They wrote in role based on one of the four main characters of the text reflecting on how they were feeling about going to the circus.

In RE this week the children studied the religion of Islam and the importance of the Qur’an to Muslims. The children revised the 5 pillars and went on to learn how the Qur’an is revered. They then went on to reflect what is important to them and compared this to what they had learnt.

Next Week:

In maths next week the children will be focusing on statistics. They will be required to interpret a range of graphs and solve problems based on them. How to find the mean, mode and range will be taught and children will apply this to the statistics being analysed.

In English, the children will start the week by describing action. They will think of a circus act that could be incorporated into the class text and write an additional page that they think would be appropriate for this. The children will also use their creativity and performing skills to act out a magic trick to engage an audience! Finally, persuasive devices will be employed by the children in a writing task based on whether Leon should or shouldn’t go into the ‘place between.’

Love to Learn

We would like the children to research, plan and prepare a magic trick. They will demonstrate this next week as part of their English learning based on ‘Leon and the Place Between’.

This website might be a starting point for you…

Remember the magic trick needs to be performed. Think about how you will introduce and show your magic trick through using expression, tone of voice and body language!


Home Learning Continued:

Mrs Rowland-Hill has also set a book for you to read on MYON. Remember you can access MYON via the Chilton website. The book is titled, ‘Charles Darwin and the Theory of Evolution’. You can find this book under where it tells you how much time you have spent reading. Read the book and undertake a quiz on it afterwards.


Art Competition

See the information below. There is also an attached document on this blog post.

Chilton has once again entered the Rotary Club’s Young Artist competition 2022

Create a piece of art around the themes:

Keystage 1  Sea Creatures: Life Beneath the Oceans and seas.

( Suggestion only for Keystage 1 )  In the style of Paul Klee or Joan Miro.

You can use any media- paints, pencils, pastels, crayons… the list is endless!

Entries must be completed on either A4 or A3 - please see Mrs Cheshire or Mrs Winchcombe if you would like paper to take home.

 Winning artwork will be publicly displayed (Location and dates TBC) and will compete with other schools to win the event in their categories!

Please pass on your art work to your teachers.                                  

   Deadline: Friday 11th February

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01843 597695