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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly Learning 18.03.22


Please remember your Parent Teacher Consultations next week.          

Team Azure & Team Ultramarine

Wednesday 23rd March

Thursday 24th March

Team Peacock

Tuesday 22nd March

Wednesday 23rd March

This Week:

In maths, the children worked on measuring and drawing angles. They later moved on to finding angles round a point, angles in quadrilaterals, angles on a straight line and angles in triangles.

In English, the children were challenged to incorporate a flashback in their writing based on the main character. Later in the week, the children wrote a character description based on Kensuke. They incorporated expanded noun phrases, prepositional phrases and a range of sentence types in their writing.

In Topic, the study of the Peasants Revolt was continued. The children ordered the main events in chronological order and evaluated the benefits that it created. Putting their understanding into action, the children re-enacted the revolt in groups.

Next Week:

In maths next week, the children will be translating and reflecting shapes. They will be expressing these through coordinates and using the relevant vocabulary. Towards the end of the week, the children will be working on finding missing coordinates of shapes.

In English the children will be writing in role as Kensuke in the form of a narrative, including a flashback. The children will use their imagination to think of an idea of how Kensuke came to be on the island. The children will be required to show characterisation, using tenses accurately and using a range of punctuation.

In Topic the children will be learning about the Magna Carta, undertaking a creative task to do with their learning. Then the children will summarise their learning on the Peasants Revolt by answering the question, ‘Were the lives of Peasants improved by the Peasants Revolt?’ We will incorporate discussions surrounding the British Values throughout this topic.

Love to Learn

This week we would like the children to access the My Maths task. We have given the children an extra week to complete this!

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