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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

20th January 2023

What a 'Super' week we've had!

This week, the children have been delving into our new Topic, Superheroes. After reading the book, Supertato, the children made their own superhero vegetables. We have been discussing healthy eating, exploring foods that help us stay strong and healthy. We looked at the healthy eating wheel and discussed food groups and why they are important for different reasons. 

Next week in Topic, we will be reading the story 'Eliot the Midnight Superhero.' 

In Maths, the children have been learning 'Part, Part, Whole'. The children count out an amount of objects and find different ways to make that number. We have been singing a rhyme to help us remember, 'two and two together they make 4, they make four, two and two together they make four, they make four, two and two together, two and two together, two and two together they make four, they make four!' (in the tune of 'she'll be coming round the mountain')

Next week, the children will be learning simple addition. We are starting addition by using stories to help make connections as to what happens when you add numbers together. We will then explore symbols that represent addition and use these to make our own addition sentences. 


The children have been working hard at their writing. We have been learning capital letters in class with the help of a special song:


Wishing you a lovely, sunny weekend-see you Monday morning!




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