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Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News! 26.4.24

We have reached the end of week 2 and have had such a fun-filled week. Our spring learning continued this week, we made bird feeders to encourage a variety of birds into our garden. We enjoyed playing out in the garden learning yoga and making a bus from the construction.


We have been continuing our Read, Write, Inc lessons in small groups. We continue to focus on speedy recall of sounds to support with segmenting and blending. Strategies we use in RWI include fred talk to segment and blending, fred in your head (this is the same as fred talking, but in their head, so we can’t hear them.) This supports children’s fluency when reading. We then focus on speedy reading. This is when children are able to read words without needing to fred talk or fred in their head. Please continue to support your child’s reading at home.

The children will also be developing their writing this term. The children write in each RWI lesson and also do a writing task linked to our thematic lessons each week.


This week we have been learning to double numbers to 10. We learnt that double numbers are 2 parts which are the same. We explored doubling through spots on ladybirds, butterflies, planting seeds into 2 gardens and dominoes.

We then moved on to subitising. Children were encouraged to say what they noticed when looking at pictures of objects. Sometimes we could see a total number like 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Sometimes we noticed numbers differently, eg 2 and a 1 then we knew it was 3.

Next week in maths, we will be learning to recall number bonds, including subtraction facts.

Over this term, our facts of the week will look at doubles. This week we have learnt 2+2=4 (we are now using the words add and equals as the children have been taught this). Next week our fact of the week will be 3+3=6.

Thematic Curriculum

This week we continued our thematic learning all about Growth! We started by discussing the different stages of life- baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult and elderly. We explored features of each including how babies need an adult to take care of their needs, toddlers need to have their houses made safe for their changing mobility, children experience changes such as starting school and wobbly teeth, teenagers need lots of sleep to support their growth, adults can start to have their own babies and elderly people may start having mobility issues. Children then created a lifecycle of a human ordering the different stages. We then sorted between the stages of life the different things we can do. For example, a baby can drink milk, a child can start to write and an adult can learn to drive. Finally we wrote sentences about what we can do at these stages using all of the information we have learnt during the week.

In PE we learnt how it would be to complete sports as a blind person. We used blindfolds and helped our partners to manoeuvre around the hall.

Next week we will be learning about the lifecycle of a frog.

Be Here, Be You, Belong

One afternoon a week this term, we will be focusing on our PSHE learning. This week we continued exploring the book Something Else. We discussed how we are all something else to other people. We celebrated our differences and welcomed all into team Cornflower with acceptance. To show our differences, we designed our very own something else incorporating all the things that make us unique. Mrs Walker had big eyes and ears as she is always watching and listening! Her something else had wings so she could fly above us all and keep us safe, and a paw print on her t-shirt as she loves dogs. Take a look at some of our own individual something else characters.

Key messages:

  • We are incredibly excited to announce that on the 6th of June we have Olympic gymnast Danny Crouch visiting Chilton, to deliver a class assembly with a Q & A session and a short fitness session. Every child has received a sponsorship form this week to complete and fill in to try and raise as much money as possible for Danny to help him with his career. There will be prizes for the most amount raised! If you would like any extra information about Danny, his crowdfunding page is linked below.

  • PE kits need to be worn in to school each Friday please.

  • Please ensure that children have a named water bottle which is already filled with water at the start of each day.

  • All clothing to be named please!

  • Please complete the WOW moment sheets regularly so that we can add these to the children’s learning journey books.

Key dates:

8th May - Year R hearing and vision test

23rd May - Reception Viking Games at Ramsgate Arts Primary School

24th May - Dress to Express day and Be here, be you, belong parade at 2.15 on school field

24th May - Last day of term

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