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Weekly News! 14.06.24

Thank you all so much for the love to learn tasks brought in from home. The children loved sharing their stories, artefacts and home made creations with the rest of the class. We really appreciate your efforts at home.


Most children are now working at book level. This is where they will have a structured reading and writing aspect to the lesson, as well as their speed sounds. We also have some groups who are moving on to learn set 3 sounds. This is when we begin to learn that some sounds might look the same, but sound different, or sound the same but look different. eg the chatty friend u-e can be said as oo as in June or you as in use. Also, the chatty friend a-e as in cake and ai for snail. When writing, children need to be making phonetically plausible attempts using sounds which they have learnt.


In maths this week, children have been exploring addition. When writing calculations, we noticed some children missed out some symbols eg + or =. We started the week reading number stories from pictures, then creating calculations from the stories. This really helped children to remember the process of the calculation and of adding 2 groups together to find the total. We then created our own calculations by rolling a dice twice and adding the 2 numbers together in an addition calculation. This was great for our subitising skills too.

Whilst writing our calculations, we noticed some children were reversing the numerals. We have spent some time this week practising number formation using the rhymes we learnt at the beginning of the year. If you would like to support your child further with this at home, please use the following rhymes.



At the end of the week, we practised solving addition calculations using jottings. This was where we drew dots underneath the numbers, to then add altogether, finding the answer.

Next week in maths we will be exploring subtraction.

Our fact of the week this week has been:  2+8=10 (and 8+2=10)

Next week our fact of the week will be: 3+7=10 (and 7+3=10)

Summer day

On Monday, we spent the day learning about our new season- summer. In true British fashion, it rained for the occasion! We spent the morning learning about the season and recapping the other 3 seasons we had previously learnt about. The key facts we learnt about summer are:

  1. It is the hottest season- we must protect ourselves from the sun by wearing hats, sunglasses and suncream.

  2. Fruit is ripe to pick.

  3. There are lots of wildlife out and about.

We gave these facts actions to help us remember them. We then made up a song about the summer using what we had learnt. Team Cornflower’s song was to the tune of ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.’

Hats, glasses, cream and beach (cream and beach,

Bugs, butterflies, birds and bees (birds and bees)

With the fruit ripe to pick from the trees all day long,

Keep yourself safe in the sun (safe in the sun).

We then learnt all about honeybees and wrote sentences about what we had found out. In the afternoon, we used a range of resources, including bubble wrap and watercolour paints to create a honeycomb from a honeybee’s hive.


This week was the beginning of our Dinosaurs topic. We started the week with our HOOK… we had found some dinosaurs encased in ice. We had to think of ways to help free the trapped dinosaurs. We discussed ice and its properties, then thought of ways to help it melt. In groups, we decided how we wanted to melt the ice before helping the dinosaurs to escape!

We discussed what we already know about dinosaurs, and what more we would like to learn.

Children have explored what palaeontologists' jobs are and learnt about Mary Anning, a famous fossil hunter. The children worked in groups to uncover the bones of a dinosaur and arrange them to find out what dinosaur they had discovered.

Next week, we are looking at different types of dinosaurs and their characteristics.

Key messages

Our Chilton Summer Fair will take place on Friday 5th July from 3.15-5. In order to be able to run the fair, we need a little bit of help from our families. 

-On Friday 21st June, we will send home a white bag. Please can you decorate this and add in some small treats e.g. sweets or a small toy. Please can these come back into school on Friday 28th June.

-On Friday 28th June, we will have a whole school non-uniform day. In return, please can we ask that KS2 bring in a bottle for our tombola stall. Reception and KS1, please can you bring in a prize that matches your child's house colour for our rainbow raffle prize. Please can we ask that these donations come into school on Friday 5th July.

-Finally, we will also be running a 'Take home a teddy' stall. If you have any unwanted soft toys, please could you send these into school before Friday 5th July.

We are hugely grateful for any help you can give.

Mrs Cheshire and the Chilton Fundraisers

17th June - Book fair in school

19th June - Reception assembly at 9am

5th July - 3.15-5pm Summer Fair

10th July - Sports day KS2 9-11.30 and Year R/KS1 1.45-3

11th July - Music evening with Mr Redwood

12th July - School reports out to parents

15th, 16th, 17th July - Transitions days (children to spend these days with their new teachers)

18th July - Inflatable fun day

19th July - School finishes at 2pm

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