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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

W/b Monday 10th February - Team Royal and Team Indigo

British ValuesSt John's CE Primary School - British values

We started the week with learning about the British Values. We learnt about the 5 values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Respect, Tolerance and Individual Liberty. 

We learnt about the values through activities in the Forest School, Maths problems and artwork. 

Take a look at the canvas we made to celebrate our British Values learning!


In English we have started a brand new book... 'Max' by Bob Graham. 

Blurb - Max has a cape and a mask, but he doesn't fly. His parents can't understand it. It seems that Max is just an ordinary boy, until finally, to save a falling baby bird, Max discovers he can fly! He'll be a small hero, doing small deeds. "The world needs more of those," says his mum.

Link to the book on YouTube - 

This week in English we have been working on the writing skills:

- Writing in first person

- Writing in the past tense

- Writing different sentence types - questions, statements, exclamations and commands

We used all of these skills when writing a diary entry as Max. Take a look at the example we wrote as a class!

Dear Diary,
Wow! What a day I've had. It's been incredible! Where do I start?
I'll start at the very beginning....When I woke up, I could hear quiet chirping just outside my bedroom window. It gradually got louder and louder so I had to investigate. As I peered out of my open window, my heart skipped a beat. A tiny, fluffy bird was on the edge of its nest. It wasn't ready to fly. Quickly, I ran down the stairs and sprinted out of the front door. As I looked up the poor, little baby FELL from the nest. What do you think I did? I still can't believe it. I actually flew and it was amazing. I caught the cute bird in my hands and safely delivered back to its waiting parents. 
When I looked down, my whole family were watching me. They were so proud. Flying is incredible so I'm going to fly everywhere from now on. Being a superhero is great!
Bye Diary, I'll update you with my new adventures soon.


Each week we will be practising new spellings.. if you would like to have a go at home, the spellings are:

after, again, any, bath, beautiful, because, behind, both, break, busy


In Maths this week we have been learning about measuring lengths, comparing lengths, ordering lengths and started solving problems around measure. They key information we had to use this week to aid us with our learning...

cm = centimetre

m = metre

100cm = 1 metre

50cm = 1/2 metre

We have become very confident with our measuring length knowledge this week :) 

Next week we will be continuing solving problems around the topic of measuring lengths.

Religious Education

This week in RE, we have been learning about Judaism. We have learnt about the Jewish special scroll called the Torah and how it is written in ancient Hebrew, how a synagogue is used as a special place of worship, how there are four important stages in Jewish life: birth, becoming an adult, marriage and death and how teachers of the Jewish faith are called rabbis. They lead worship in the synagogue, conduct marriage and funeral ceremonies and give people advice on religious matters.

Love to Learn

World Book DayBlue World Book Day Badge : Kool Badges

World Book Day, for Chilton, will be next week on Friday 3rd March.  Children are encouraged to dress up as a character from their favourite book. But please do not feel the need to buy anything for this - please use anything you have at home! The children will take part in a number of activities throughout the day and they will have the opportunity to share their book / character with their class. World Book Day vouchers will be sent home on World Book Day.  These vouchers can be spent at the School Book Fair that will arrive on Wednesday 22nd March. 

We need your Help!

We Need Your Help Images – Browse 1,173 Stock Photos, Vectors, and Video |  Adobe Stock

1) If you have any recycling we would love to take it for our art project next week! Please bring it in on Monday :)

2) Next term our topic is all about our Wonderful World, and we would love to create an outdoor garden area. We would really appreciate your help in making a wonderful area for the children to get the best experiences out of next terms thematic curriculum. If you have any items below please can you bring them in the first week back in Term 4

- Outdoor plants (including climbing plants)

- Seeds

- Pots with soil

- Artificial grass

- Bird feeders

- Pond plants

Thank you!

Term 4

Sports Project will continue on a Monday please can children come in their school uniform and wear trainers.

Next term, Year 2 will be swimming on a Thursday, please can children come into school in their PE kits on this day. Please can children also bring in a swimming bag that is clearly labelled with swimming wear, towel, goggles and a snack in their bag for after swimming.

Read at 3 will still be on a Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Davey, Mrs Barlow and Miss Hall


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