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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly news w/b Monday 8th May - Team Royal and Team Indigo

Guided Reading

In Guided Reading this week, we have focused on comprehension and clarifying of vocabulary from the story Emily Brown and the Thing. We looked at how to answer comprehension questions like…

 We clarified the words thorn, vitamins, fetch, blizzard, snowsnugglers and exhausted. We are becoming so confident with Guided Reading. Go Year 2!


In English this week we have been focusing on how to write a diary entry, We learnt that diary entries are written in first person and in past tense. We looked at features that we might find in a diary entry such as statements, questions and exclamations.

Throughout the week we wrote diary entries as different characters from the story Emily Brown and The Thing. We finished the week by writing a diary entry as ourselves about the week we have had.


This weeks spellings are contractions!


In Maths this week we have been looking at using the inverse to help us solve problems. We used the bar model to support us with this, for example…

We then looked at more complex bar models and had to find the missing numbers. We had to decide if we were going to use addition or subtraction to work out the missing numbers. We have become so confident at this.

In Maths next week we will be time

Thematic Curriculum

In Thematic this week, we have been geographers and designers whilst looking at A Pirate’s Life For Us!

In Geography, we recapped learning of human and physical features. For example a human geographical feature would be a town, city, building, road, school and a physical geographical feature would be a waterfall, beach, ocean, cliffs, fields.

We then became designers by looking at food and nutrition. We learnt that pirates and smugglers had a very poor diet, especially when they were at sea. With this knowledge, we designed nutritious pizzas that included all of the 5 food groups of carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, dairy, meat, fish, eggs and nuts, fats and sugars.

Next week, we will be creating these pizzas!


In Be Here, Be You, Belong, we have looked at why we are proud of our community, focusing in on the community we have of Chilton Primary School. In small groups, we created wordles of all of the words that came to mind when we thought of Chilton! J


At the end of term, we are holding a celebration event for our Term 5 PSHE project “Be here, Be you, Belong.” Through this learning, the children have been focusing on what makes them proud to be them, proud of part of their team and our wider community. We have been celebrating our differences and the children have been choosing something from their learning every week which has been going up on their ‘proud peg’ on display in classrooms. To bring our school community together for an afternoon of fun and celebration, we are holding a Colour Run on the very last afternoon of term (Friday 26th May) and family members are invited to join us to decorate our children with powdered paint as they run!

Timings are:

· 1:05-1:25 – Reception and Year 1

· 1:30-1:55 Year 2

· 2:00-2:25 Year 3 and 4

· 2:30 -3:00 Year 5 and 6

Children will need to wear clothes to school that you don’t mind getting covered in paint and pretty messy. They will also need to bring an old towel and a change of clothes for after the run if they are staying in school and a plastic bag to put their messy clothes in. Parents will be able to collect children straight after the run if they prefer but we would then recommend a towel for the children to sit on if they are travelling home by car. To enter the school site on the day, please use the pedestrian entrance next to the allotment and head straight up to the field. So that we can get everyone in or home safely, after each run, all of the children will be taken back to their classrooms so if you are taking them home slightly earlier after their run, please collect from those classrooms. (Year 5 and 6 will be ready to go at the usual time and if children aren’t being collected early, they will be dismissed as usual. After School Club will also run as usual). The paint has been purchased from a company specialising in Colour Run equipment and so it is 100% safe.

Love to Learn

Key dates to remember:

Term 5 ends – Friday 26th May 2023

Team Indigo - to Monkton Nature Reserve - Monday 19th June

Team Royal to Monkton Nature Reserve - Monday 26th June

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Hall, Miss Davey and Mrs Barlow

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