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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News! 3.5.24

What a great week Team Aqua and Team Topaz have had Check out what we have been up to!


This week in Maths, we have been looking at mass. At the beginning of the week, we practised using scales to measure in grams and kilograms. Later in the week we compared different items using grams and kilograms. We then used our knowledge of 1 gram is lighter than 1 kilogram to solve problems. On Friday we were able to add and subtract in grams and kilograms using the column method.

Next week we will be looking at capacity! If you have any spare plastic bottles or containers we could use, we would greatly appreciate them.

Fact of the week!

Next week our Fact of the Week is 1 X 10 = 10



This week in English we have continued the book, Emily Brown and The Thing. We started the week looking at direct speech and using inverted commas to show what and how a character spoke. For example, “What is that noise?” whispered Stanley. On Tuesday we played the fastest finger first to find the onomatopoeias throughput the book. To help make our writing more interesting, we drew scenes from the books and illustrated the onomatopoeias. Later in the week, we looked at varying our sentence openers and make them more interesting and exciting to read. This supported us to write our showpiece on Friday.

Next week we will start a new book The Lonely Beast by Chris Judge.

Guided Reading

This week in Guided Reading we continued learning about Emily Brown and the Thing. We started the week by retrieving information and answering questions about the text. Next, we summarised the story in just 10 words and wrote a book review on Emily Brown and the Thing.


This week in Thematic we were designers! We began the week by learning to sew using the running stitch method.


On Friday we learnt the over stitch method.

Next week we will continue being designers and learn how to join two materials together in a variety of ways!

Home Learning


Important Information

Sports Project is now on a Wednesday. Please can children come into school wearing trainers and normal school uniform.

Olympian Visit 

We are incredibly excited to announce that on the 6th of June we have Olympic gymnast Danny Crouch visiting Chilton, to deliver a class assembly with a Q & A session and a short fitness session. Every child has received a sponsorship form this week to complete and fill in to try and raise as much money as possible for Danny to help him with his career. There will be prizes for the most amount raised! If you would like any extra information about Danny, his crowdfunding page is linked below.

Key Dates

22nd May - Year 1 and 2 Viking Games at Chilton Primary School

24th May - Dress to Express day and Be here, be you, belong parade at 2.15 on school field

24th May - Last day of term


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday! 

Miss Hall, Miss Davey and Mrs Barlow

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