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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3 Weekly News 13.1.23

This week has flown by for us in Year 3! Here's what we have been learning and what is coming up.


This week we used the story, 'Into the Forest' to create our own versions. We became the main character and we changed the characters that we met in the forest. We loved talking about our favourite fairy tales and were able to give clues to who they were in the story through our dialogue. This week we have been making sure we spell our key words correctly. These are the ones we need to practice:

- didn't 

- someone

- saw

Next week we are looking at Anthony Browne's book, 'The Tunnel' and we will be learning to write suspense. It is such a great book!



In Maths we began the week by finding the perimeter of shapes. We found out the perimeter is the measurement of the outside of a shape. We were able to find the perimeter by making 'hairy caterpillars!' We used little lines to help us keep track but ask us why they are called this.

After this we began to learn about angles. An angle is made when two straight lines meet at a point, We learnt about right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles.

Next week we will be learning going back to learning about fractions. We will be comparing and ordering fractions. 


Thematic learning

This week we have been learning in Science. We have been finding out about living and non-living things. We then learnt about the diet of different animals and how they were different to humans. Finally, we learnt about our diet and why our bodies need different foods.

Plan Your Meals with My Healthy Plate


Children can access their TTRS account from home - please practice as much as possible!

When using MyOn, once a book is finished it can take you straight to the AR quiz. This is a great way to get more reading in if your child has forgotten to change their book or hasn't got one to read!

Love to learn

In spelling, we have been learning about the 'igh' sound spelt y. Here are our spellings:






Have a wonderful weekend, 
The Year 3 Team

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