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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 23.2.24


In English this week, we have started to read our new text called ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’. We have been learning how to write a diary entry. The skills we learnt to include in a diary entry are; sentence openers, emotive language to show character’s viewpoint, complex sentences to explain thoughts further and using paragraphing. We wrote diary entries in role as Alexa and Ahmet, the main characters from our new story, to show their viewpoints and feelings.

Next week, we will be learning to write letters and emails that show varying viewpoints.


This week we have been learning about statistics. We have learnt about how time graphs show the change in something over time e.g. the growth of a sunflower over a few weeks or the amount of rainfall over a year. We have learnt how to interpret time graphs and how to present data by drawing our own time graphs. We also learnt about Venn and Carroll diagrams and how these can be used to sort data e.g. multiples of 4 and numbers greater than 50.

Some questions that the children could be asked about the time graph below are;

How tall was the sunflower on Thursday 11th?

On which day did the sunflower reach 14cm in height?

How much did the sunflower grow from Fri 19th to Weds 31st?

What happened between Saturday 13th to Monday 15th?

Next week in maths, we will be using the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to solve problems involving money.


Last term, we learnt about sculptures. Our learning ended with us using what we had learnt to create our own stick sculptures using pipe cleaners and clay. Here we are enjoying making them….


On Monday this week, it was our British Values PSHE day. We have learnt that a value is something or a behaviour or attitude that we think is important and that the British Values are the behaviours and attitudes that we think are important for all of us to live together in Britain. The British Values are; Rule of Law, Democracy, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect.

We also found out about the term 'Protected Characteristics' that was first introduced in The Equality Act 2010. This act defined nine specific characteristics that are protected from discrimination. The children learnt that it is against the law to discriminate against someone because of a protected characteristic. The 9 protected characteristics are age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. We linked the 9 protected characteristics back to our Chilton Values of Respect and Equality, and the British Values of Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect. In Year 4, we then focused on the protected characteristic of race and each class created a piece of artwork on a canvas about race to be displayed around the school.

We also kicked off our new themed learning unit ‘Innovation Station’ with our big question – What is the most important invention of all time? Next week in thematic, we will be historians and we will be learning about the Golden Age of Islam. This was a time of great knowledge and development in the Islamic Empire centred in Baghdad whilst in Europe we were in the Dark Ages. During the Golden Age huge advancements were made in maths, science, medicine and astronomy.

Love to Learn 

This week’s Love to Learn task is an English one. We would like you to write 5 compound sentences and 5 complex sentences. Your sentences can be about anything that you like e.g. Harry Potter, Minecraft, football or anything else you'd like to write them about.

Remember, use FANBOYs conjunctions for compound sentences and don’t use a comma e.g. The cat had eaten all of his breakfast but he was still hungry.

Use I SAW A WABUB conjunctions for complex sentences and place a comma between the main clause and subordinate clause e.g. Although the cat had eaten a huge breakfast, he was still hungry.

Please could this Love to Learn challenge be handed in by Weds 28th February.


Words to practice for a spelling test on Weds 28th February: expression, discussion, permission, admission, expansion, extension, tension, island, knowledge, learn

Challenge words for the test (optional to learn): comprehension, confession

Other News 

World Book Day Thursday 7th March 2024

This year's World Book Day theme will be bedtime stories / reading for pleasure.  We invite children to share their favourite bedtime story book on this day and if they wish, come to school dressed in their bedtime clothing!  Children are invited to dress up as their favourite character from a book if they prefer another option.  We would like to remind families that there is no expectation for you to spend money on costumes.  An enjoyment of reading and sharing a story is our main aim for World Book Day this year.  

The Chilton Masked Reader

This year, we will share Chilton Masked Reader videos for World Book Day.  These videos will be created by our talented members of staff who will read a story without revealing their faces.  We hope our Chilton families will enjoy the stories and guess who the masked readers are! Links to these videos will be available on all school Blogs. 

Book Fayre

The Chilton Book Fayre will arrive on Monday 11th March and run until Friday 15th March outside the Year 5 classrooms. World Book Day book vouchers can be spent at the fayre. Cash and online payments are also available and a percentage of monies raised will go towards funding more books for Chilton children. 

Mrs Rowland-Hill - English Lead/KS2 Lead. 

- Year 4 will have PE in the afternoon on World Book Day so please can they bring their PE kit in in a named bag to get changed into after lunch. If your child does not wish to dress up for Book Day, they are welcome to come to school wearing their PE kit as usual.

Dates to remember  

  • Saturday 2nd March – KS2 Cross Country at Quex

  • Thursday 7th March – World Book Day (Year 4 have PE in afternoon - please bring PE kit in a named bag to change into)

  • Thursday 7th March – Autism workshop in school hall 9:00

  • Thursday 14th March – Year 4 Assembly 9:00 – Parents invited

  • Monday 11th March - Science day (More information to follow)

  • Monday 11th – Thursday 14th March – Book Fair in school

  • Friday 15th March – Red Nose Day - Wear something funny for money

  • Friday 15th March – Parent Book Look 3:15 for Parent-Teacher Consultations

  • Monday 18th – Thursday 21st March – Parent-Teacher Consultations – dates and times coming soon

  • Thursday 21st March – Rock Your Socks Day in support of Down Syndrome Awareness

  • Friday 22nd March – The Speaker Finals at Royal Harbour Academy

  • Tuesday 26th March – Come Dine With Me for Years 1, 4 & 5

  • Thursday 28th March – Easter Egg Hunts

  • Thursday 28th March – Term 4 ends (normal time @3:15)

  • Friday 29th March – Good Friday

  • Monday 15th March - Term 5 begins

Many thanks,

The Year 4 Team

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