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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly learning 25.11.22


- A reminder that children are welcome to wear non-uniform on Monday 28th November in return for a bottle for the tombola.

- Year 6 would like to welcome all parents to our Technology lesson on the afternoon of Monday 28th November (from 14:30).  The children have been learning about nutritious food and have been designing a healthy flapjack snack campaign.  If you can, we would like you to come in to taste test these healthy snacks and vote on the best campaign (advert, packaging and taste of the flapjacks).  The children will be using persuasive language to convince you that their snack is the best!

- Christmas Fayre (the Christmas Lantern Festival) is on Tuesday 29th November from 15:15 - 16:15.  All are welcome!


This week, the children have been writing in a range of past and present tense types.  They have written in role as Skellig - the creature in the garage - as well as Michael.  On Friday, after reading that Michael is taken by Mina to watch owls, the children made clay birds.






Next week, the children will continue to write in role as another character, using characterisation and emotive language.  

In Maths, the children have worked very hard to understand fractions: we have learnt about equivalent fractions before moving on to converting improper fractions (e.g.: 7/4 - seven quarters) to mixed numbers (e.g.: 1 3/4 - one and three quarters) and vice versa.

Mixed number to improper fractions

1) Multiply the whole number by the denominator

2) Add that number to the numerator

3) Put the total over the original denominator

3 2/5 = 17/5    (three and two fifths = seventeen fifths)

Improper fractions to mixed number

1) Divide the numerator by the denominator.

2) Any leftovers should be shown as a fractional remainder

17/5 = 3 2/5 (seventeen fifths = three and two fifths)


The children have really enjoyed designing a campaign for a healthy snack this week.  They have learnt about what the law states concerning promoting healthy food as well as what should be written on the packaging to inform consumers.  From this, we created posters and packaging for our own healthy flapjacks, which we will make on Monday morning.

For your Love to Learn task this week, we would like you to log on to mymaths as there is a task set for you.  

Spellings to learn

Mr. Wheeler's group                                        Miss Isaac's group                            Mrs. Rowland-Hill's group

dependent                                                                     breezy                                                   believe

magnificent                                                                   wheezy                                                  fasten

efficient                                                                          sneezy                                                   nestle        

patient                                                                           greasy                                                    whistle

intelligent                                                                       spicy                                                      glistening

frequent                                                                        bony                                                       wrestler

different                                                                        cheesy                                                    soften

urgent                                                                            smoky                                                    listen

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