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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News 02.02.24

Important Messages

- Tuesday 6th February is Online Safety Day.  Children will be participating in activities about learning how to stay safe online.

- Tuesday 6th February is also 'Dress to Impress' as part of Well-Being Week..  Children are welcome to wear whatever makes you feel happy and confident 

- Next Wednesday, as part of our RE learning, the children will be visiting Margate Mosque.  We will be getting the train, meaning we will have to leave school by 9am.  Children will be able to wear trainers yet must wear appropriate school uniform.  We will be back to school for lunch.  As a mark of respect, children will b asked to remove their shoes upon entry to the mosque.  As mosques are sacred places of worship, it is also advised against children wearing shorts or dresses that are above the knee. 


This week, the children have watched an awarding-winning commentary by Sir David Attenborough, 'Snakes vs. Iguana'.  From this, the children have focussed on language choices and sentence construction to write their own commentary of the gripping scene.  The children learnt how, in Attenborough's speech, he manipulated language to grab the audience's attention, sometimes breaking grammar rules to do so.  Next week, we will continue with this writing, giving time to 'perform' our commentary in the style of a nature documentarist.  

We have also enjoyed telling our own stories as part of National Storytelling Week, including our own 'horror' story!  Well done to everyone who contributed to this.


At the start of the week, the children learned how to multiply fractions (multiply the denominators then multiply the numerators) before moving on to dividing fractions (KFC: Keep the first fraction the same; Flip the second fraction; Change the division to multiplication).  For Number Day on Friday, we played mathematical games as well as challenged ourselves with Visualising Problems as part of our Term 3 problem solving sessions.


After completing some market research, we baked some sweet or savoury flapjacks.  On Thursday, we evaluated our products by discussing what we liked about them and how they could be improved: did the flapjack look pleasing to a consumer?  Was the taste enjoyed by most consumers?  Was the consistency of flavour accurate?  We also talked about the importance of storing food in the right places, for health and safety reasons.



Love to Learn

This week, in Maths, we have learned how to multiply and divide fractions.  We would like you to create a guide to help others remember the skills that were involved.  You can create this any way you wish : posters, leaflets, PowerPoints, etc...

Please learn these spellings for a test next week:


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