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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

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Home Learning - 1.4.20

Home Learning - 1.4.20

Welcome to day 8 of Home Learning. You are doing a great job.

Good Morning Reception, 

Here are your challenges for home learning today: 


Todays sound is ‘v’.

You say: ‘v’

They say ‘v’


You say ‘vvvvv- vulture’

(stretch the sound this time vvvvvv instead of  ‘v – v – v’ so that you don’t add an ‘uh’ onto the end.)

They say ‘vvvvv- vulture’

Show them the picture of the Read Write Inc ‘v’ (see blog post picture and your Chilton Handwriting Patter sheet.) Look at the picture on the ‘v’ tile. Read the handwriting patter together. Have your child practice writing it in the air. Now they can practice writing a line of ‘v’ in their home learning book. We recap 2 handwriting patters every day. Today our recap sounds are ‘h’ and ‘n’. Again, please refer to your handwriting patter sheet. Now it is time to practice oral blending.

You say ‘v – a – n’

They say ‘van’

You say ‘v – a – n van’

They say ‘v – a – n van’

Repeat with the words ‘vet’ and ‘vat’.

Now they can practice writing those words in their home learning book.

Don't forget to read your book or access some of the online reading links. 

We follow the Read Write Inc scheme of work from Ruth Miskin. RWI are making speed sound videos which are available for 2 weeks every day from 9.30. This would be a great way of starting your phonics lesson. Please see link -


Practice your subtraction with numbers up to 15.

Find some objects that you can use as counters. You could use lego, blocks, cars or anything that you can count out.

Use your counters to answer these questions. You can record the answers in your home learning book.

5 – 2 =

6 – 2 =

8 – 4 =

10 – 5 =

13 – 1 =

15 – 3 =

Challenge: Can you use the number line in your home learning pack to practice subtraction?

If you are answering 10 – 2, you put your finger on the number 10 and then jump back 2 spaces. The answer would be ….?



Junk Modelling!

Superheroes – today you are going to make a superhero vehicle. Collect any clean recycling you can find in your house – card, plastic bottles, loo rolls, tissue boxes, etc… Use these to create a special superhero vehicle. Remember to give it special features.

Challenge: Draw and label your superhero vehicle in your home learning book. Can you write a sentence? “My car is red. It has a jet pack.”


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Other activities you may want to include in your day:

Phonics Play- - A fantastic website which has become free during this time.

Username: march20 Password: home

Oxford Owl -  (Free reading books)  

Cosmic kids- (Yoga, mindfulness and stories).

Go Noodle- (Smart Bodies).

Jo Wicks- (9am P.E sessions daily)

Just Dance- (Smart Bodies)

Top Marks - Maths Games - (Counting) (Adding) (Subtracting) (Shape)

Youtube – Maths songs – (2D Shapes) (Counting songs) (Counting in 2s) (Counting in 10s)

Youtube – Number Jacks –

Twinkl - (A huge selection of free resources)

Audible - (Providing some free stories)


Make sure you have lots of time for play and talk as this is just as important as the learning. Please email if you have any questions or would like further support.

Happy home learning!


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