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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

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Home Learning - 29.4.20

Home Learning - 29.4.20

Good morning Reception.


Each day of school closure, the Ruth Miskin team will be uploading a Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 Speed Sounds lesson video to Youtube. We will be following the Set 1 videos. These will be sounds that your child has learned in class already. You will be recapping these sounds at home which will hopefully give your child a sense of confidence.

Today (29.4.20) the video will be focusing on the sound ‘h’.

After practicing writing the sound in your book, please then recap writing the sounds ‘u’ and ‘e’ just as we did last term.

Now can you try writing these three words?

‘hip’ ‘hen’ ‘hug’

No-tech phonics

Alternatively, you can recap the sound ‘l’ with your child yourself.

Practise writing l, u and e either in chalk outside or on paper indoors. Now cover the letter with rocks, pom poms, counters, or anything you can find in your house.

See the source image

Afterwards practise writing ‘hip’, ‘hen’ and ‘hug’ in your book.


Writing activity

Our ‘talk 4 writing’ activity today is to read Mavis’ favourite poem. Can you clap along with the rhythm too? I bet Mr Redwood would be proud!



Use the number line to jump back and find out the answer.


Play this board game with your adult. You could use blu-tac as counters to mark your position on the screen so there is no need to print the game off. If you are playing on a tablet or phone, you can lay your screen flat and use counters. You will need a dice to play. Here is an online dice if you need one:

Don’t be fooled – check the symbol. There are addition and subtraction questions in this game.

See the source image


Yesterday you learned about the parts of a plant.

Can you remember what these parts of a plant are called? Try to remember without looking back at yesterday’s work.

Can you practise writing these words in your book? I like to use rainbow writing like this: