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Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly Blog - W/b 21.9.20

Weekly Blog

It's the end of our first (nearly) full week of school and what a week it has been.


This week we ate our lunch at school. We have been so proud of the children for trying all sorts of different food this week even if they thought they might not like it. We always encourage the children to 'try it and try it again' just like Elmo in Sesame Street. 


On Monday the children worked really hard to remember their new carpet spots as well as having to remember to cross their legs, cross their arms if they would like to speak and look at the speaker- not an easy challenge! 


They also had a tour of the classroom and the Early Years garden to see what resources are available to use during busy time (and where to put things back at tidy up time!)


On Tuesday we drew pictures of our families in as much detail as we could for our 'All About Me' topic display boards. We also had a lesson about listening skills on the carpet and why it is so important to listen to our teachers. 


On Wednesday we drew self portraits on a 'selfie' template to add to our lovely 'All About Me' displays. We finished these off by colouring them in carefully. We also had a really exciting school tour. In groups of 10 we visited the playground, the hall, the first aid room, the caretakers office, the main office, Mrs Law's office and the older children's playground. The children loved exploring and the adults around the school loved seeing the new reception children in their lovely fresh school uniform! 


Thursday was our first FULL school day. We made sensory shakers in the morning practicing working as a team. We used all sorts of craft supplies including pom poms, sequins, slime, food colouring and water to create a lava lamp effect. We also had a lesson about some important adults around the school and what their jobs are. In the afternoon we stared learning about one of school values - kindness. We read 'The Rainbow Fish' and discussed how kind and HAPPY the rainbow fish became when he started sharing his beautiful scales with his friends.


On Friday we made rainbow clouds to hang from our classroom ceilings. On the rainbows we wrote some of our favourite things (e.g. favourite food, favourite toy etc..) 

In the afternoon we discussed our school value 'kindness' and we decorated our very own rainbow fish to put on our display boards.

We also introduced the red and yellow consequence cards and the smiley cards to the children.


If a child is not following the Chilton Rules then they will be asked to correct their behaviour and a 'warning' will be given e.g. "if you carry on doing that you will get a yellow card." If the child continues they will have their name moved to the 'yellow card' chart on our classroom wall and a yellow card will be placed in front of them. If the child makes good choices they will be taken off the yellow card and their name will be placed back on the rocket to display that they are showing 'The Chilton Way'. 

If their negative behaviour were to continue once they were on a yellow card they would get a warning that if they continue they will be moved onto a red card. They would then be moved onto a red card and they would have 5 minute time out and some reflection time with an adult to discuss their behaviour and what they could have done differently. 


If a child finishes the school day on 'The Chilton Way' rocket or on a superstar learner/over and above card they will bring home a smiley card. Keep collecting these in the named envelope provided because when you have 25 you will be able to return them to school and collect a prize from your teachers prize box! 


On Friday afternoon we got to meet the PE team who will be leading our PE activities each Friday!

This week we also had lots of busy time indoors and outdoors, we danced during smart bodies, we learned lots more makaton signs and we enjoyed lots of stories.


Get lots of sleep this weekend because next week will be your first FULL week! How exciting.


We can't wait to see you then,

Miss Miles and Miss Dudley-Smith 🙂

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