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One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly Blog - W/B 19.10.20

Happy half term!

Parent Consultations - If you would prefer to have a telephone consultation rather than a 'Microsoft Teams' appointment please let us know either at the door or via email. Thanks!


Your children have made it through their first term at Chilton Primary School. What a fabulous term it has been. 

We have learned 15 sounds -

m - a - s - d - t

i - n - p - g - o

c - k - u - b - f

and we have even started learning how to blend those sounds together to make words. We call this Fred talking (Fred is our Phonics mascot - he's a frog.).

For example 

'ssss' - 'u' - 'nnn' - sun

We have also enjoyed playing some oral blending games like - 'point to your /h/ /air/' 'put your hands on your /h/ /ea/ /d/'. You can try these at home to keep your children oral blending skills up while they enjoy half term!

In Maths this term we have worked on our number recognition of numbers to 5, then 10 and even sometimes 20. We have counted carefully and slowly, using our number lines or numicon. We have even practised writing some of our numbers - but this is something that we will learn in more depth next term. 

We have learned so much about each other this term during our 'All About Me' topic and we really feel like all of the children have settled in so well over these past few weeks. They have earned so many stickers, superstar learner cards, treats (Royal), marbles (Indigo) and they have all been able to see Pippa the puppy as a special treat for following the Chilton rules. She is still so young so we mustn't touch her yet as she is still learning how to be a school dog! 

Our People Who Help Us topic ended with a bang this week - we had such a fantastic day playing as doctors, vets, nurses, fire fighters, parents, teachers, police officers, etc.. We didn't need to put any toys out for busy time because the children absolutely loved sharing their costumes with each other and role playing. The grown ups had a lot of fun being put in jail, taken to the doctors and stopped by traffic control as well!

Half term 'Love To Lean' work -

Next term our first topic is 'dinosaurs'. Research dinosaurs - record your findings in your love to learn book so that we can share them after the break.

You can also decorate your love to learn book and make it unique to you.

Don't forget to practise the sounds that we learned this week in your sounds book - c - k - u - b - f

PE kits will need to be brought back into school by Friday 6th Nov for our next PE lesson.

Please check the labels of all jumpers/cardigans. These easily get mixed up despite our best efforts. Please put a name on the label if your name sticker has fallen off and if you have somebody elses please return it. Thanks!



WOW moments

We have had a few WOW moment slips back this term. It's really great to have these returned as we put them in your child's learning journey and they often reflect the side of your child that we don't get to see in a school setting. We always have more available to hand out so if you ever need more please ask at the classroom door. We will put more in book bags next term! 


Enjoy your half term break. Wrap up warm and take lots of nice walks, play lots of lovely games and snuggle on the sofa together. 

We'll see you next term.

Miss Miles and Miss Dudley-Smith.


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