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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 3rd December

This week marks the first of many successful school trips for our children in reception. We are so extremely proud of all the children, whose behaviour was impeccable.


Children continue to learn/ recap sounds in set 1. As children become more confident in recognising the sounds, they can identify them more speedily in words. All children have now learnt at least one special friend (one sound made up of more than one letter eg sh). These can be trickier to recall and recognise in words. Using your pink books at home, please practise special friend sound recognition, and reading words with these sounds in.

Children are now all working in their RWI books to practise writing their new sound of the day, review sounds and practising writing words. We are so impressed with the pride the children are taking over their presentation. Keep up the hard work!


This week, we have been learning about height and mass. We learnt the vocabulary tall/ short/ taller/ shorter and used this to compare different objects we found around our classroom and outside. We had to remember the difference between length and height to ensure we didn’t confuse them both.

Later in the week we learnt heavy/ light/ heavier and lighter. We became human scales to show when an object is heavier than another, it pulls our arm down. The lighter object lifts up to the sky. We moved on to weighing objects using a set of scales, as we were so good at explaining which object was heavier/ lighter, we began to predict what we might see on the scales before we weighed the objects.


We learnt about the Christian tradition of Advent. We learnt how advent is the period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas time. We looked at the different traditions Christians have in the lead up to Christmas. Together, we created our own class advent calendar to help us countdown to Christmas.

To help us prepare for our class trip, we also spent a topic lesson learning about safety when outside of school. One of our school rules is to be safe, so we thought of the different ways we would need to be safe when we are outside of school. This included road safety and ensuring we listened to the adults. The children were all amazing and had a fantastic time.



  • Christmas shop. Children are invited to bring in some money to choose presents for their loved ones/ friends. Information has gone out separately, but please ensure you have clearly labelled who is to be bought for and how much is to be spent.
  • Class party day is Wednesday 15th December. Children can come into school wearing their party clothes. Could we please ask that your child brings in some food for the party?

Green Normas- something savoury

Yellow Saxons- something savoury

Blue Vikings- something sweet

Red Romans- something to drink

  • Friday 17th is the last day of term, and we will finish at 2pm. Children can wear a Christmas jumper to school. Friday will also be Christmas dinner day.
  • We will return to school after the Christmas holidays on Wednesday 5th January.

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