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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 11th March 2022

We have had another wonderful week with some superb learning! Well done to all of the children who continue to be amazing each and every day.

A big thank you!

A big thank you to those parents/carers who read regularly with their child(ren) at home. We really appreciate the time you take with this…thank you!


The children have been continuing to practise Set 1 sounds and some children are continuing to learn Set 2 sounds (see below). They have been practising writing these sounds and reading and writing words with these sounds in.

Set 2 sounds:

ay (play)

ee (feet)

igh (night)

ow (snow)

oo (zoom)

oo (look)

ar (car)

or (fork)

air (fair)

ir (girl)

ou (shout)

oy (boy)


This week, we have been learning about the composition of the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. The children have been using different resources to find out how these numbers are made up (for example, 5 and 4 makes 9, 6 and 3 makes 9 and 7 and 2 makes 9). The children used cube towers, aliens and planets, Numicon and made dominoes to show the different ways you can make these numbers.

One of the key things that children need to know by the end of Reception, is the numbers bonds for the number 10. If you wanted to support with this learning at home, we would really appreciate it. You could make dominoes (e.g. 6 dots on one side and 4 dots on the other side, listen to songs about number bonds to 10, using fingers – if I have 3 fingers up, how many do I have down etc).


This week we have been learning about the Solar System and the different planets. We have been learning key facts about each of the planets. The children are extremely good at remembering these facts! The children also learned what space rovers are. They then designed a space rover and worked in small groups to make one. They discussed what had gone well with their space rover and what improvements they could make. They then worked together to make those improvements. Their final models are wonderful!

Donations for Ukraine:

Year 4 are collecting donations for Ukraine aid and would love your support. Please bring in any donations of medical supplies, hygiene products or long-lasting food. More details are on the letter sent out on Tuesday. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Donations for School:

We would gladly receive any of the following:

  • Paintbrushes (all different sizes, including DIY paintbrushes)

  • Paint rollers and trays

  • Tights

  • Any fabric (any shape/size/colour)

Little Stars Sheets

It is always lovely to receive WOW moments which the children have completed/achieved at home. If your child does something for the first time or does something really well at home, please write it on a little stars sheet (ask your child’s teacher if you need more) and pass on to us so we can add it to their learning journeys.

Book Look

On Friday 18th March, you are invited in to school at 3:15 to look at your child’s learning. We will send all of the children out to you first and then welcome you in once all of the children have been collected.

Comic Relief

Comic relief will take place on Friday 18th March. The children will be invited to wear something funny to school and bring in a voluntary donation for the charity.

Parent Consultations

If you need any help with booking an appointment, please speak to the office in the first instance. These will be held the week beginning 21st March. 

Many thanks for all of your support, from all of the EYFS Team!

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