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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 22nd April

What a fantastic start to the summer term we have had this week. The children have returned well rested, and ready to learn.


Children have hit the ground running this term. We are increasingly seeing children practising and using reading skills when decoding their reading books. In RWI this week, groups will have been practising fred talking, fred in your head and speedy reading. Re-reading is another important strategy, as the more we see a word, the better we can remember it. This leads to word recognition and less fred talk. You should have all received a sheet with reception red words, we say, ‘You can’t fred a red!’ This means we cannot fred talk a red word as it wouldn’t make sense. We have to learn these words by sight.


This week we started our maths learning by sharing. We learnt that to share an amount, we have to do so fairly. We practised giving one object to each group until all had gone to ensure we shared fairly. During our explorations, we found that some numbers could not be shared equally. Then we moved our learning on to odd and even numbers. We learnt that even numbers each have a pair (friend) and odd numbers are on their own. We learnt a rhyme to help us remember,

0, 2, 4, 6, and 8, even numbers they are great.

1, 3, 5, 7 and 9, odd numbers they are fine.

We practised with our partners using numicon to decide if a number was odd or even, and had to explain why.


We start every term with a values week. This term our focus is, ‘Be Here, Be You, Belong.’ This is a celebration of individuality, what makes us each special and different, and how we can and should celebrate this. As well as our individualism, we are also part of a group. This can be many groups, class group, year group, school group, sport’s group, family group etc. We discussed how each individual can bring something different and unique to the group, and how this should be embraced. We focused our learning on the story Odd Dog Out. Children learnt about a world of dogs where every dog was the same… apart from odd dog out. He longed to not be an outsider, and travelled far and wide to find somewhere he would fit in. However, once he found that somewhere, he met another dog who stood out from the crowd, and realised how important it is to express yourself. Each child then decorated their own odd dog out and wrote about what makes them the odd dog out. The children had such beautiful ideas of what makes them different and unique.

Important information:

  • If you have not already done so, please email a baby photo to your child’s class teacher by Monday 25th April
  • From Thursday 28th, we would like to invite you in for weekly reading sessions with your child. This will take place every Thursday from 3-3:15 in your child’s classroom. It is an opportunity to share a story with your child, or for them to read their reading book with you. We hope you can make it.

Art Competition (this is voluntary)

  • We are very excited to announce that we have been invited to enter the Turner Contemporary's annual art competition. 
  • This year’s theme Belonging is inspired by the work of Ingrid Pollard who will be bringing her major solo show to Turner Contemporary in Summer 2022. Pollard uses film, photography, sculpture and installation to explore ideas of identity.  
  • This will be explored more throughout our PSHE topic next term; Be Here, Be You, Belong. 
  • As well as taking part in art work within school, we are asking you to design something at home! With the theme being ‘belonging’ you can design anything from a painting, sculpture, contemporary dance or speech!  
  • The winner of this competition will have their work exhibited at the Turner contemporary!  
  • By your child entering this competition, you will be giving permission for their piece of art to be possibly displayed at the Tuner contemporary.  
  • Please bring in your designs or send any videos to Mrs Winchcombe ( by the 28th April. These will then be passed on to the Turner Contemporary.  



Many thanks for all of your support, from all of the EYFS Team!


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