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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 29th April

We have had another exciting week of learning here at Chilton. We had caterpillars arrive in the classroom and we have loved watching them grow and change. We also enjoyed having our parents in for our first reading afternoon!


We have had another fantastic week improving our speaking, reading and writing skills through our Read, Write Inc programme. We are extremely confident reading and writing using our set one sounds and we are becoming increasingly confident using our set two sounds. We are increasing our 'writing stamina' and beginning to try and write more than one sentence at a time. We have learnt about full stops and capital letters; we are also getting better at remembering to leave finger spaces between words. In our class writing this week, we have written about what we are good at and also completed some writing about a story we absolutely loved called 'Odd dog out'. 


We have blown our teachers away again this week with our Maths skills. This week we learnt how to double a number. We have learnt a few methods to do this, using our fingers, counters, numicon and by drawing dots. We really enjoyed using ladybirds to find double; taking a number and drawing that many spots on both sides of the lady bird and then finding the total. We have also practised the skill of counting on from different numbers. This is something that can really help us with our mental addition.


This week we have started our new Topic, Growth. We started by thinking about how humans grow and change. We loved looking at photos of our classmates when they were younger. We were very good at guessing who was who. We considered all the things we couldn't do when we were younger compared to now. We also thought about how we might change in the future; our impressions of how we might move when we get older were particularly impressive. Our caterpillars have also arrived in class this week. We have loved watching how they have changed already and are very excited to see them move through their life cycle.

Next week

Next week, we will be using the book 'Tadpoles Promise' to learn about the life cycles of the frog and butterfly. In maths, we will be learning our number bond to 5 (5 and 0, 1 and 4, 2 and 3). 


Monday is a bank holiday. School will start at normal time on Tuesday.

Advanced warning - our school summer fair will be Friday 24th June from 3.15-5.15.

Please continue to send in your junk - we love junk modelling.

We love using 'loose parts' in our small world play; if you have any pine cones, interesting stones, corks or shiny sweet rappers we would be grateful if you could send them into school for us to use.


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