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One Childhood, One Chance

Wednesday 1st April

Wednesday 1st April

Morning! It is April! Let’s hope that the nicer weather continues throughout this month. Fingers crossed!

Today will be the last blog for 2 weeks, as today should have been the last day of term. The blog will re-start on Thursday 16th of April, when term 5 commences. We feel that parents and children need a well deserved rest over what would have been the Easter holidays. At the end of the blog, there are some activities which you may want to do, but these are entirely optional. We have also added in some schooling from home helpful tips and some advice on mindfulness, which could be helpful.

Below is an outline of some activities for you to carry out today, but feel free to organise your day as you wish. 


Attached is a reading pack designed to support your child's comprehension: How to look after a dog. Your child may read this independently, if not you can support them or read it to them so they are then able to answer the questions underneath. The questions have stars at the bottom of the page from 1-3 with increasing difficulty so try to match accordingly. 


To practise handwriting, focussing on size of letters, ascenders (letters that are taller than others e.g. h and b) and descenders (letters that go below the line e.g. g and y). Please use the handwriting sheet attached. If your child needs to focus on forming a particular sound(s) correctly, please focus on this first.


Part of being a good mathematician is being able to work logically. Today, we would like the children to have a go at solving some Sudoku puzzles. There are some on the sheet attached called Sudoku. For the first five puzzles, the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 have to appear in each column, row and square box only once! They will need to use the numbers already on the grid to work out what the missing numbers are. The final grid is where the numbers 1-6 need to be placed! Good luck!


As we lead up to Easter, we will be looking at different stories Jesus told and what we can learn from them. 

Today's story is 'The Prodigal Son.' Below is a link to a video of the story.

Pause the story every so often to check that the children understand and also to clarify the meaning of words.  Talk about the word forgiveness. Think of times when you have had to forgive someone or when you have been forgiven for something. They could draw a picture to show this.

Helping at home challenge

One of the jobs that I like the least is putting the rubbish out! See if you can help your grown ups at home to help take the rubbish out to the big bins – it would really help them out!

Easter Activities:

As stated at the top of the blog, these are entirely optional!

  • Create a rainbow to go in your window at home to brighten people’s day as they go for their daily exercise.
  • Create a large rainbow on the floor or in your garden using objects from around the house.
  • Decorate a hard boiled egg (you could make it look like your teacher or another grown up at school!)
  • Use natural materials (e.g. leaves and twigs) to create some artwork (it could be an Easter chick or something completely of your own design)
  • Start writing a diary about your time at home.
  • Make a time capsule. It could include a photograph of you and your family, some writing about what is happening.

We all hope that you have a relaxing few weeks and we will be back blogging in a few weeks time. We hope that the sun shines so you can get out in your gardens. Stay safe and healthy. Please do keep the emails coming – we cannot explain how much these make us smile J

Miss Wright, Miss Cheshire and Mrs Walker xx


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