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Home Learning: Wednesday 13th May

Happy Wednesday everyone! We are now at the half way point of the week. We are so proud of all of you doing your home learning. Keep it up!


At 10.30am today on the link below a lovely Read, Write Inc teacher will be adding a video to teach you all the sound aw. There will be two videos called: Set 3 speed sounds aw and Set 3 spelling aw. If you would like to, please watch the video for your phonics session by clicking on the link:

You tube: Read, Write inc phonics video

If the videos do not work for you then the lesson is detailed below:

1.   Find the sound ‘aw’ on your sound card and say it lots of times, make sure you are looking at the sound to ensure you remember what it looks like, also say ‘aw- yawn at dawn.’  When you're finished, point to some other sounds too (about 10).

2.    Write down the following words for your child to read (yawn, dawn, law, paw, saw). Remember they need to find the special friends, Fred talk (say the sounds) and then read the word.

3.    Now write down some words for your child to read as a recap of previous sounds learnt (letter, cake, spoon, poke, stay). This time encourage your child to say the sounds in their head and then say the word aloud.

4.    Ask your child to show you their alien faces! Write down the words flawp, drawb, shawp. Ask your child to spot the special friends, Fred talk and then read the word.

5.    Now it's time for spellings! One at a time say the following words to your read (yawn, dawn, law, paw, saw). Repeat the word back to each other then ask them to pinch the sounds. When they know how many sounds in the word they can write it down. Help your child to tick or fix (correct) their work. 

For your reading activity today there is a comprehension task. In this activity you will need to listen to a story being read. There are then some questions for you to answer; so make sure you are listening carefully. Click on the link below to find the activities.

Comprehension Activities

Finally, for English today we have another poem for you to listen to as part of this weeks writing challenge. 

Day two of the writing challenge follows on from yesterdays video 'The Millipede'. Today, Martyn will show you how to illustrate a poem and how to develop a concept. He will also be introducing another 'brand new' poem and a sneak preview of one of the prizes in the competition. I really hope you enjoy the video and that it inspires you to begin to explore the life of animals around you, and begin to see the world from their perspective!

Remember, the competition will be formally launched on Friday, so sit back, put your creative hats on and enjoy the videos throughout the week. And here's the link


Let's warm our brains up. Stand up and lets get moving. Start my marching and counting in 10's to 100. Try counting forwards and then backwards. Next trying jumping as you count. This time you need to count in 2's. Count forwards and backwards to 20. Lastly, lets try hopping. This time count in 5s. Try counting up to 50. As a challenge, see if you can count back in 5s from 50.

This week so far you have been adding and subtracting using your number lines. Today, we will start looking at finding fact families. When doing this we will start with three numbers. Let's say 10, 7 and 3. We then need to think of all the addition and subtraction calculations we can make using these numbers. There are some rules we can follow to help us. When adding the biggest number will always be the answer. When subtracting you will always need to start with the biggest number. So for our 3 numbers the fact family is as follows...

3 + 7 = 10

7 + 3 = 10

10 - 3 = 7

10 - 7 = 3

Click on the sheet attached and see how many fact families you can find. Start with numbers to 10 and then try numbers to 20. If you want an extra challenge try working with numbers to 100.


In Topic today, we are returning to our new topic 'The Toymaker'. This week we will be focusing on Science. Today, we are learning about the forces push and pull. Watch the video below. It shows how we use pushing and pulling in our everyday lives.

Pushes and Pulls Video

Have a think about the toys you have at home. Can you find some toys where you have to use the forces push or pull to play with them? Sort them in to toys you push, toys your pull and toys you push and pull.

That is it for today. We hope that you have enjoyed your learning today! Stay safe and well.

Mrs Cheshire, Mrs Walker and Miss Wright

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