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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning team Periwinkle and team Teal! What beautiful weather we are having, please make sure you are being sun safe! I’ve been making sure Winston has plenty of cold water to drink and a nice cool spot in the shade to rest.

Here is today's learning...


At 10.30am today, there will be no lovely lady for RWI! She has finished for half term already, so instead we will be setting you writing/ reading challenges for the rest of the week.

It would still be great if you could practise some of your sounds and red words in the usual way, just to keep them fresh in your minds. Adults if you know there are a couple of sounds/red words which your child is unsure of, or muddles with another, these are good sounds to throw in for everyday practise.

Below is also a couple of songs to listen to for the tricky/ red words. They are, of course, annoyingly catchy!

It is time to share a story together. You can either use the link below or the attached version of the story. This story is called ‘The Selfish Crocodile.’ I have chosen this story because I love the bravery of a character, who is so small in size compared to the crocodile. Not only was the little mouse brave, but he showed great kindness also.

During the video, pause at different points and ask questions, below are some examples:

Why do you think the crocodile doesn’t want the other animals to bathe in the river?

Who do you think is in pain?

Why don’t the animals want to get too close to the crocodile?

Why are none of the animals helping the crocodile?

Why was the crocodile groaning?

Why did the crocodile give the mouse a nut?

What is your favourite part of this story?

Your task is to write a recount of the story. Before you do this, you need to think about the order of the events so you get them in the right order. When you are writing, remember to use capital letters, finger spaces, use your sounds and a full stop at the end. Your challenge is to use adjectives to describe for example The selfish crocodile cried in pain. He held his swollen face and cried big, wet tears.


To warm up our maths brains today, we want you to count to the highest number you can (no need to go higher than 100!) Take care not to miss out or muddle any numbers. Adults, listen carefully to ensure counting is accurate- common mistakes can be saying teen instead of ty (and vice versa) and not being sure of the next tens number eg 38, 39, 50 (instead of 40). If you child was confident with this and needed no support, their challenge is to count backwards from the number they reached.

Today in maths we will be concentrating on solving addition word problems using the part, part whole model.

When using the model, it is important to remember the whole is the two parts added together. We use this model to help solve problems by entering the numbers we know, helping us to solve the unknown. We need to use the information in the question to help us know where to put the numbers.

F2 (Reception) — Heygarth Primary School

An example is:

Mrs Walker and Miss Wright have 11 pet animals altogether.

Mrs Walker says, ‘I have 6 pets.’

How many pets does Miss Wright have?

The information we have is 11- altogether (this tells me the whole number) and 6 is one of the parts.

Image preview


Use the same method you have been this week to find the missing number. Count on from 6 until you get to 11.

Complete the task attached which is best suited to your child’s ability. They might need some help to read the word problems.



As we approach the end of the term, and topic, we will be preparing to design our own bath toy. In order to do this, we need to conduct an experiment…. which materials are waterproof. Use the PowerPoint attached to discuss the experiment. There are some examples of materials you can use on the results sheet, but you can change these if you want.

Have fun!

We hope you enjoy your day!

Mrs Walker, Miss Wright and Mrs Cheshire x



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