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One Childhood, One Chance

Thursday 25th June 2020

Good morning team Periwinkle and team Teal! We hope you are having fun and staying safe in the sun. Mrs Walker’s bubble enjoyed an activity listening to music and responding through drawing. We would love to see what you come up with if you have a go at home. We used the following music for ours.

Here’s today’s learning:


The RWI videos will be available, but will take a slightly different form. All videos will be available from 9:30 am so you can choose from set 2 or set 3, whichever you feel your child needs to focus on. There will be reading opportunities for longer words and red words included in each session. Use the link below to find the lessons you need under the different categories. On the channel from Monday you will also find a Hold a Sentence video to watch to help your child get used to remembering sentences which they wish to write down. Just scroll down as you would when selecting your sounds video and it is after the red words videos.

You tube: Read, Write inc phonics video

If you would rather not use the videos, teach the lesson as follows:

1.   Find the sound ‘a-e’ on your sound card and say it lots of times, make sure you are looking at the sound to ensure you remember what it looks like, also say ‘a-e make a cake’. Explain that the a-e are chatty friends (they talk too much so are not allowed to sit next to each other and have to have someone sit in between them!) When you're finished, point to some other sounds too (about 10).

2.    Write down the following words for your child to read (plane, make, cake, flake, name). Remember they need to find the chatty friends, Fred talk (say the sounds) and then read the word.

3.    Now write down some words for your child to read as a recap of previous sounds learnt (clean, trees, frown, tray, straw). This time encourage your child to say the sounds in their head and then say the word aloud.

4.    Ask your child to show you their alien faces! Write down the words shaze, chame, flape. Ask your child to spot the chatty/special friends, Fred talk and then read the word.

5.    Now it's time for spellings! One at a time say the following words to your child (plane, make, cake, flake, name). Repeat the word back to each other then ask them to pinch the sounds. When they know how many sounds in the word they can write it down. Help your child to tick or fix (correct) their work. 

It is also important for children to practise reading red words which cannot be Fred talked. These words need to be learnt by sight but can be done so through a variety of fun games. You could write some of the red words down on pieces of paper and play snap, bingo, put them around the room/ garden for children to run to when called out or children could practise writing them out in chalk, paint, sand etc. Knowing these red words will help children become speedier and more confident when reading.


Your child’s task today is about homophones. Homophones are words which sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings eg see and sea. We have talked about homophones before in year 1, see what your child can remember about them.

Use the following link to learn more, play games and take quizzes.


To warm our maths brains up this morning, we will practise our counting in 5s. Click on this link for a song to help: 

Today, we will be continue with subtracting. How many subtraction words can your child remember from yesterday, we give our words actions to help us remember them (subtract, take away, minus, less, leave). Children will need to use their number lines if they are going to subtract with numbers to 20 and use their hundred square if they are confident with numbers to 100.

They will need to put their finger on the starting number and then count backwards the correct number of jumps. If your child needs more practise practically continue to do so on your number lines, if not they can complete the activities attached, depending on their confidence. (Please note on maths sheet 2 jumps will have to be added onto the number line for the challenge. Make one jump miss a number which causes the answer to be incorrect.)



Watch the story of the rainbow fish:

What did the fish do that was kind? What have you done that has been kind? Have you ever done anything unkind? Has anyone been kind/unkind to you? Discuss together yours and your child’s experiences.

ACTIVITY 1: Encourage your child to write unkind words, phrases, scenarios etc on pieces of paper. Scrunch the paper up and throw away/in the bin to show that they are rubbish.


Watch the story: The Enormous Turnip:

Discuss what happened in the story. Explain that without the cooperation of others, the farmer would not have been successful. Explain the importance of working and playing together cooperatively.

ACTIVITY 2: Together work as a team to tell a story. Have a story opener (just one sentence) e.g. There once lived an old man with grey hair. Then take it in turns to say another sentence which follows on from the previous one.


We hope you have a great day!

Mrs Walker, Mrs Cheshire and Miss Wright x


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