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One Childhood, One Chance

Wednesday 8th July 2020

Good morning Year 1. In our bubbles at school, we have been practising our tricky red words. If you would like some practise also, we have attached a Rainbow Write sheet to help you. Just choose the words you need to practise and add them onto your picture.


Today’s shout out is for Jessica. She has also been growing radishes at home and enjoyed retelling the story using pictures. You might need to give me some tips Jessica, as I’m not very green fingered!

Here’s today’s learning:


The RWI videos will be available, but will take a slightly different form. All videos will be available from 9:30 am so you can choose from set 2 or set 3, whichever you feel your child needs to focus on. There will be reading opportunities for longer words and red words included in each session. Use the link below to find the lessons you need under the different categories. On the channel from Monday you will also find a Hold a Sentence video to watch to help your child get used to remembering sentences which they wish to write down. Just scroll down as you would when selecting your sounds video and it is after the red words videos.

You tube: Read, Write inc phonics video

If you would rather not use the videos, teach the lesson as follows:

1.    Find the sound ai on your sound card and say it lots of times, make sure you are looking at the sound to ensure you remember what it looks like. When you're finished, point to some other sounds too (about 10).

2.    Write down the following words for your child to read (paint, main, pain, rain). Remember they need to find the special friends, fred talk (say the sounds) and then read the word.

3.    Now write down some words for your child to read as a recap of previous sounds learnt (brown, play, bone, green, dawn). This time encourage your child to say the sounds in their head and then say the word aloud.

4.    Ask your child to show you their alien faces! Write down the words flaip, taig, flaiv, chaim.  Ask your child to spot the special friends, Fred talk and then read the word.

5.    Now it's time for spellings! One at a time say the following words to your child (paint, main, pain, rain). Repeat the word back to each other then ask them to pinch the sounds. When they know how many sounds in the word they can write it down. Help your child to tick or fix (correct) their work. 


Today we need you to be detectives…

We have some secret sentences which need decoding, are you up to the job? Find the secret files attached. As an extra challenge, maybe you could write your own secret sentences and send them to your teacher.


To warm our maths brains up this morning, we will practise finding one more and one less than any given number. Choose a number from the 100 square for your child to find one more and one less. What do they notice about the numbers?

Today, we will be continue with division. Use the teaching slides to teach ‘grouping’. This is different to sharing as the objects are grouped together rather than shared out into sharing circles. Once you have finished, your child can practise grouping. Use the following calculations to practise grouping with objects you can find around the home.

10 ÷ 5 =                                                12 ÷ 4 =                                15 ÷ 3 =                                9 ÷ 3 =


20 ÷ 2 =                                                10 ÷ 2 =                                14 ÷ 2 =                                16 ÷ 4 =


We are continuing to explore Internet Safety today. Discuss how the internet is great and you can do lots of amazing things there and instantly. But, should we trust everything on the internet? Why? Why not? Is everything true on the internet? How do we know? Share the following:   

This article may need to be explained and discussed a little more as it is a little wordy for our year 1s. For this reason there is not linked activity, it can just be a discussion. 


We hope you have a great day!

Mrs Walker, Mrs Cheshire and Miss Wright x

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