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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 7th November

A huge welcome back! The children have had a fantastic first week back; they have settled well and shown a great attitude in their learning. Well done to Team Turquoise who have won class of the week and to Ruby Jefferies who has won pupil of the week. A great team effort from year 1!


In Maths this week we started off learning about estimating. We taught the children that to estimate means to make a sensible guess. We had a go at estimating a wide variety of things e.g. the number of sweets in a jar and the number of leaves on the tree. The children were really sensible and very accurate when making estimations. We then moved onto learning about ordinal numbers e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. We started off by having races and deciding which position people finished in. We then had rows of animals and had to colour in the animal in different positions. Lastly, we compared numbers. We learnt the vocabulary greater than and fewer/less than.



In English, this week we continued with our Read, Write Inc learning. Some of us have now moved onto learning our set 3 sounds but the majority of us are continuing to learn our set 2 sounds, ensuring that we can read and write words containing these sounds. We are reading books daily in our groups and writing simple sentences daily. In Topic writing this week, we wrote about kindness. We focused on how to be kind when we are playing outside and labelled pictures demonstrating acts of kindness.


In Topic this week, we are focusing on the value of kindness. We have focussed on getting on and falling out. We spoke about acceptable behaviour and unacceptable behaviour and what this might look like in school. We discussed what happens when we fall out and how we might feel. We then discussed how we can make up after a falling out. We conducted a drama session and then wrote about different acts of kindness.

Love to learn

This week the children will be bringing home their year 1 'Love to learn' books. Each week there will be a 'Love to Learn' task. One week the focus will be Maths or English and then next the focus will be Topic related. The books will come home on a Friday and we ask that they are returned the following Wednesday.

This week we ask that the children decorate their 'Love to Learn' books in a way that represents them. This could be by drawing pictures of their family or favourite things or cutting and sticking pictures of things they like on their book. They will be sharing their books with the class next Friday.


We hope you have all had a parent consultation. If not please speak to your class teacher, so that one can be arranged.

As the weather gets colder, please could you ensure your child has a cardigan or jumper and a coat in school every day.

During Term 2, we will be asking all pupils to come into school wearing their P.E kit on their P.E day. For year 1 this is a Tuesday. We have ensured all P.E kits have been sent home.

We hope you all remain safe and well during lock down and have a wonderful week ahead.

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