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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 4th December

HaPpY fRiDaY

We have reached the end of another fun filled week of learning in year 1.

Thank you for your support with all the home learning, including love to learn and reading. We are overwhelmed by the number of children participating… please keep it up!



This week in maths we have continued our learning about length. However, we combined it with addition. We learnt a new skill of adding on a number line which the children have really enjoyed. We had lots of practise jumping from one number to another and counting the jumps. We also learnt a new maths word ‘difference’. Ask your child if they can remember what it means. We learnt to find the difference by jumping on. We found the length of the shortest object on our number line and circled it, then found the length of the longest object and circled it. We then counted the number of jumps between them to find the difference. (We had to make sure we didn’t count on the number of the longest object or we would be finding the total.) We then discussed how much longer or what the difference was between the objects.



In RWI this week we have been learning a mixture of set 2 and set 3 sounds in our groups. We are learning that some of our set 3 sounds sound like some of the set 2 sounds! The handwriting across year 1 is showing great improvements which is fab! As we are developing our skills, most children are beginning to write more at length. We are writing sentences which are structured in a similar way so children can focus on the skills they need to remember for example capital letters, finger spaces, fred fingers and full stops.


We have had a tree tastic week in year 1! We learnt the words evergreen and deciduous – ask your child what those words mean! We learnt about how evergreen trees keep their leaves all year round, they have a waxy coating which protects them in the colder weather. We learnt about the cycle of a deciduous tree through the seasons. For example, an apple tree grows buds in the spring, the fruit grows in the summer, the leaves fall from the tree in the autumn and it is dormant in the winter. Deciduous trees lose their leaves so they can save energy during the winter months. We went on a walk around the school to see which types of trees we could find, then when we came inside, we looked at the leaves we had collected to identify which tree they had come from.

Love to learn home challenge

This week we would like your child to complete a topic task. We would like them to think of how a deciduous tree changes through the seasons, then create a piece of art to reflect this. They might chose to focus on one or two seasons or maybe all four seasons…. Get creative. We can’t wait to see their masterpieces.


We have a busy week coming up with our Christmas dates moving forward.

  • Our Christmas party will now be on Thursday 10th December. Please can your child bring in their own packed lunch of party food. Because of the current situation, we do not want children sharing food so their own box of food is needed please. Could you also be mindful of foods which might affect children with allergies eg peanuts. Children can come into school in their party clothes on this day.
  • Christmas jumper day and Christmas dinner day are on Friday 11th December.
  • Donations for the food bank will be greatly received up until Thursday 10th December. For every item your child donates, their name will be put into a hat with the chance to win the celebration bears from last year.
  • Children can bring in £3 to buy gifts for their family. Christmas shop will be open on Tuesday 8th, Friday 11th, Monday 14th and Wednesday 16th December.
  • Please remember to bring love to learn books in on a Wednesday so they can be quarantined to share with the class on Friday.
  • Some children are still bringing things in from home, please can you ensure this does not happen.
  • We are more than happy for your child to bring in Christmas cards for their friends, but again these will need to be put into quarantine. If you would like them to be handed out, please ensure you bring them in by Wednesday 9th to guarantee they go home in time.

Have a lovely weekend from the year 1 team!



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