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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Friday 21st May

Well done for reaching the end of the week…. One more week to go! Year 1 have been amazing as always and have wowed us with their learning this week.


Our focus in maths this week has been on addition and subtraction. We learnt a new strategy of focussing on the ones first when adding with 2 digit numbers, then making sure we remembered the tens when recording the answer. We started by partitioning the 2 digit number to see the ones clearly, then added/ subtracted the ones in the calculation.

To help us focus on just the ones, we drew a smiley face to them. We were excellent at remembering our tens for the answer, and we repeated, ‘Don’t forget your tens!’ as part of our success criteria to remember!


To move this learning on, and to prepare us for year 2, we began to add vertically using a place value grid. This again focuses on adding the ones first, then the tens. We used base 10 to support us, as some of us were finding it tricky to add two one digit numbers mentally. We will practise this in our mental oral starters.


RWI/ English

Our English lessons this week were lots of fun, we focussed on the story, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ We started the week by acting out the story and thinking of different foods the caterpillar could have eaten. This lead to a discussion on which foods were healthy and which were unhealthy, (there were lots of suggestions of the caterpillar eating a McDonalds)! The next day, we wrote about those different foods and used adjectives to describe them. We moved our learning on by using more than one adjective which meant we needed to use a comma. Some examples of our writing are below.

We have made up class books to display our English work, this has been really motivating and we have all shown great pride in our work.

This week we started in our new RWI groups. It has been so lovely for all the adults to finally get to know the children from both classes a bit better. Well done to all of the children who have had a new adult this week, you have shown great resilience and have made your teachers very proud. We are continuing to learn set 2 and 3 sounds, practising reading in words and spelling also. We have noticed great progress in children’s reading in the past few weeks with children becoming more confident to read words without fred talking. Thank you for all your support with reading at home.


This week is our last week of art for the term, and we have ended it with a piece of our own art. We discussed how many artists portray their views of the world through their art and looked at some examples of this. We then thought of what message we would like to give to the world through our art. We were astounded by the ideas produced from both classes. Some examples included protecting our oceans, stopping our forests being cut down, encouraging people to become vegetarian, stopping animals being hunted, being kind to others and saving water.

We learnt different shading techniques which we practised during the week. At the end of the week, we drew our art to share our message, chose the media we wanted to use eg pens, pencils or crayons, then shaded it using a range of our favourite shading techniques. Take a look at some of our masterpieces.


Love to learn

This week our love to learn focus is topic. We would like the children to write about an artist they have learnt about this year. They can choose from Turner, Van Gogh, F N Souza, Picasso or Arcimboldo. Attached to the blog is an example of a fact file with some ideas of what to information to include.

Important messages

  • On Friday 28th May we will be having a PE festival in the afternoon. Please can children come into school wearing their PE kits?
  • Love to learn books need to be returned to school on a Tuesday to allow enough quarantine time. We share home learning on a Friday afternoon with the class and if it comes into school later than Tuesday, we will be unable to share it.
  • Thank you so much for the materials we have received, please keep them coming. We will be using them on the last Friday of term.
  • PE is on a Tuesday please ensure your child comes in to school wearing their PE kit.
  • The last day of term is Friday 28th May. We will return to school on Monday 7th June.


From the year 1 teachers


Mrs Walker, Mrs Barlow and Mrs Cheshire


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