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Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly News - 27.9.19

Many thanks to the parents who were able to help with the trip to Courtstairs on Friday - the visit could not go ahead without you so we are very grateful for your time.


This week in maths the children have been learning to partition numbers.  They have been using the part, part, whole model to do this (e.g. writing 5 in a part, 3 in a part and then 8 in the whole).  They have also started to look at pictures (e.g. of 5 ducks in a pond and 3 ducks out of the pond) and tell a story involving adding.  They will continue to tell number stories next week and then will move on to adding numbers together at the end of the week. At home, you could get two sets of objects and add them together.  


In topic this week we had a very special visitor! Mrs Law came to our classroom and we asked her questions about her job.  The children did a fantastic job at asking some really interesting questions and listened carefully to what Mrs Law said.  They then wrote some sentences about Mrs Law's job at Chilton.  See the photos below of Mrs Law's visit to our classroom.  Next week we will have another special visitor in our class!

Important dates and information

KS1 Harvest will take place in the school hall on Tuesday 1st October from 9-9.30.

Home Learning:

For your child's love to learn task we would like them to think of as many different jobs as they can. They could write a list; draw some pictures; or make a collage of different jobs.  The love to learn task is due in on Wednesday 2nd October.  We will share these in the class.

Maths Challenge:

The optional, termly maths challenges are back for the new academic year! If you would like to enter, solve the problem below and return any entries to Miss Lane’s Classroom (Year 6, Team Indigo) by Tuesday 15th October. Names of those who are successful in the completion of the maths challenge will be entered into a raffle for a prize where one winner will be chosen in our Chilton Heroes assembly on Friday 18th October. All entrants will receive a certificate for participating.

Challenge: There are 2 pirates and 4 treasure chests on an island. The pirates have 1 small boat to take the treasure to their ship. The boat can take 2 pirates or 1 pirate and 1 chest of treasure. How many trips do the pirates have to take to get all the treasure and both pirates onto the ship? You can present your answer to this problem in any way you wish!

Contact Us

Correspondence for the Headteacher:

Mrs Kate Law
c/o Chilton Primary School,
Chilton Lane,
Kent. CT11 0LQ

Contact the school office on:
01843 597695
or by fax on:
01843 852872

01843 597695