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Chilton Primary School

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One Childhood, One Chance

Home Learning for Week Beginning Monday 27th April

Monday 27th April:   

Happy Monday! Morning Team Sky and Team Ocean!  

Playlist:  This week is a slight twist on the artist playlist. Miss Davey came across this playlist on Spotify and it has been on repeat! There are some great songs on there that you may or may not know. My favourite song on there at the moment is ‘Lifted’ by The Lighthouse Family! Let us know what your favourite songs are.  

 Fact of the day:  A silly fact today! Did you know that you pass wind on average 14 times a day, and it travels from your body at 7 mph. YUCK! 

Morning Journal:  What makes you super happy? Baking is making me very happy at the moment although I have unfortunately now run out of eggs! Disaster! 

Feelings: What colour do you feel at this moment in time? I feel on green at the moment because I feel I am in the right mind set for my day!  

Guided Reading: 

We would like you to read along with the story Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy.  (If you follow the link above, it should be there!) 

Can you write down all the rhyming couplets that you can find. 

For Example: Maclary and Dairy  


Now you have reminded yourselves on what rhyming couplets are. We are going to have a go a writing a new part of the story!  

To help, I would write down your own list of rhyming words.  

For example, Zoom and broom. New and crew. Hair and scare. 

Maybe try doing this with a timer! How many rhyming couplets can you think of in a minute! GO!

Here are some examples: 

You could even have a go at creating a new dog for the story! 

Here is my example,  

Hairy Maclary and Fluffy De-mipes, 

Ran on the path and followed the pipes.  

Hairy Maclary had his whole crew.  

He was pleased with his friends, old and new!  

Remember to have fun with this. You could even illustrate your own page for the book! 



MOS: Zoe baked 15 cupcakes and Darcie baked 19. Who baked more? Prove it. 

Task: When looking at numbers, we know that the digits in numbers have special meanings for example 23 has 2 tens and 3 ones, 178 has 1 hundred, 7 tens and 8 ones.  

We can also partition numbers like 

63 = 6o and 3 

195 = 100 and 90 and 5 

Have a go at partitioning these numbers in these 2 ways. 

Topic: Topic today is from BBC Bitesize – We are going to be learning about Neil Armstrong! 

Neil Armstrong was the first man ever to walk on the Moon. 

As he stepped onto the Moon, he said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” 

Watch the first short animation to learn more about the achievements of Neil Armstrong. (Click on the link above) 

There are lots of fun ways to show your historical knowledge of Neil Armstrong. 

Here are a few you could try. 

Activity 1 

Asking questions about the past 

A great way for children to learn about the past is to ask questions. 

Together think of some questions you would like to ask about Neil Armstrong and keep them to use in activity 2. 

Activity 2 

Time travel 

In the next short animation (Same link as above), Fatima and Ollie travel back in time to talk to Neil Armstrong. 

Are you able to answer any of your questions from activity 1? 

Activity 3 

We would like to see how much you have learnt about Neil Armstrong! Can you answer these questions about him? (Sheet attached - Neil Armstrong Comprehension) There is three different challenges for you to choose from, Mild, spicy and hot.

Helping at home challenge : Dusting! When dusting you need to remember to very carefully put anything on the side that you are dusting on the floor, wipe it free of dust and then put the objects back in the right places.  

We hope you have a lovely Monday :)

Lots of love   

Miss Davey and Miss Keam   


Tuesday 28th April:   

Happy Tuesday! Morning Team Sky and Team Ocean!  

Playlist: This week is a slight twist on the artist playlist. Miss Davey came across this playlist on Spotify and it has been on repeat! There are some great songs on there that you may or may not know. Don’t forget to let us know what your favourite songs are J 

Fact of the day:  The largest living organism in the world is a fungus (mushroom), it is in Oregon, covering 2,200 acres and is still growing! 

Morning Journal:  If you could rename colours, what would you call them? I think if I could rename red I would rename is jam!  

Feelings: How are you feeling at the moment? I am on blue unfortunately. Today is my Goddaughters birthday and I feel sad that I can’t give her a birthday cuddle but I will video call her a little later on to sing happy birthday to her which will be nice.  

If you are on Blue and feel worried, that is perfectly normal! But if those worries get too much take a look here...

There are some links to sites that can help you. 

Guided Reading:   

Task 1 – Can you predict what you think will happen in this story just by looking at the front cover? 

Task 2 - Can you find the rhyming words in the book ‘Detective Dog by Julia Donaldson’ and use them to make your own rhyming dictionary? You can also add in all your rhyming words from yesterday!  


We would like you to write a newspaper report about the crime that Nell solves in this story! 

Remember to think of a catchy heading!  

You can use a range of exciting adjectives in this to create clear images for the readers.  

You can set this newspaper article out however you would like. We have attached a template just in case you would like to use it.  

Remember to add dates and times!  


MOS: Take a look at this picture, do you agree or disagree? Explain your reasoning.


 Task: Yesterday you partitioned numbers into tens and ones or hundred tens and ones. For todays challenge I’d like you to partition numbers in different ways. Take a look at my example to help you out! 

\\Viking.lan\DFS$\StaffData$\UserData\EDavey\Downloads\IMG_2416 (1).JPG

Your steps to success: 

  • Partition into tens and ones or hundred, tens and ones 

  • Partition the partitioning in a different way! 

  • Add up your numbers to double check you still have the right whole number! 

PE: Relax and unwind with some Cosmic Kids Yoga – The Twits!  

Helping at home challenge : Wipe off the table you eat at. Be careful not to just wipe the crumbs onto the floor. Wipe the crumbs into a little pile and put them into the bin afterwards J  

We hope you have a lovely Tuesday. 

Lots of love   

Miss Davey and Miss Keam   


Wednesday 29th April:   

Morning Team Sky and Team Ocean!  

Thank you to everyone that sends us pictures, we just love seeing what you are getting up to!
Take a look at Freddie and Freya chilling out with some yoga yesterday! 



Feeling worried is normal, just like all feelings. The problem is, sometimes our worries become very big and we can’t stop thinking about them. One very good way to stop our worries taking over our thoughts is to talk to someone.

Sometimes, talking to a familiar adult is a good idea. If you would like to let a school adult know that you are worried or feel unsafe in any way, please go to the Well-Being tab on our website and select ‘Worried?’ from the drop down menu. On the page, you will see a ‘Worry Button’. If you click the button, a box will appear and you can type a message. Your message will be sent to an adult from Chilton. They will find a way to help you.

Sometimes, talking to someone else can help. On the ‘Worried?’ section of the website, you will find lots of links to other websites. You can click on these and you’ll find information, contact numbers and details of people who are able to help you.

Remember, it is normal to feel worried sometimes but if your worry is all you can think about, it is best to talk to a grown up.

If you feel unsafe, for any reason, please contact us using the worry button or use one of the provided links to find help

Playlist:  This week is a slight twist on the artist playlist. Miss Davey came across this playlist on Spotify and it has been on repeat! There are some great songs on there that you may or may not know. Don’t forget to let us know what your favourite songs are  

Fact of the day:  Sea Lions have rhythm.  They are the only animal known to be able to clap in beat! 

Morning Journal: If you drew everything that came into your head, what would you be drawing right now? Mine would be a big cup of coffee!  

Feelings: How are you feeling this morning? I’m feeling on green today, I feel very happy and positive! Today is going to be a good day! 

 Guided Reading: 

Julia Donaldson – Detective Dog 

Using the rhyming couplets from above, we would like you to create two sentences, drawing a picture to match.  


Today we would like you to write a set of instructions or a manual to teach people how to look after a pet! 

If you want to challenge yourself, you can use time conjunctions. I.e. First, secondly, next etc.  

Here is an example. Remember, you can choose any pet you wish!