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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly news

In maths this week, the children have been recapping their knowledge of fractions. They have been using vocabulary such as numerator and denominator to support their learning. The children have shaded in given fractions as well as identifying fractions visually. Year have also been calculating fractions of amounts by using their times table knowledge e.g. find 1/5 of 25.

In English this week, the children have been writing a newspaper report based on our class text, 'The Lonely Beast'. The children have used paragraphs to separate their writing as well as using quotations to improve their work. With SATs fast approaching in term 5, please keep up the reading and spelling practice at home. Thank you!

In topic this week, year 2 have started an investigation about growing seeds. They discussed what plants need to survive and grow and used this knowledge to plant and put their pot in the most suitable position. Over the next few weeks, the children will observe and record their findings.

Home learning

This week, we would like the children to show us ways in which they help to reduce waste at home. For example, they could take pictures of themselves recycling, switching off lights, reusing materials or turning the tap off when brushing their teeth. As always, this can be presented as you wish!

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