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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Weekly news

In maths this week, year 2 have been continuing to practise the quick recall of their times tables by playing lots of interactive games such as hit the button and daily 10 (check them out on Also, the children have been identifying lines of symmetry on 2D shapes.  Year 2 have also been looking at graphs and answering questions based on the information given. On Friday the children created their own tally chart by asking the class about their favourite food, animals, colours etc then drew this information onto a bar graph.

In English, the children have been writing a newspaper report about the Land of Spells from our class text, 'The Faraway Tree'. They have been focusing on using accurate punctuation and have also been using inverted commas for speech as a challenge. The children have been looking to add some flair to their writing and have been using thesauruses and their own knowledge to make their work more interesting.

Quad kids

Next Wednesday 26th June, year 2 will be going to Dane Court to take part in an afternoon of sport. They will be transported by mini-bus and PACKED LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED. Children are to come to school in their school uniform and will get changed into their PE at Chilton. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school, sun lotion, a hat and plenty of water.

Home learning

We would like to children to write a story, thinking about using exciting language to interest the reader and all the skills they have this year (punctuation, paragraphs, spellings, adjectives, verbs, adverbs). This story can be in any style or about anything they like. We will read these out next Friday afternoon to the year group.

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