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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3

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  • 17/09/20

    Weekly Blog - Friday 18th September

    What a wonderful week of learning! Year 3 have really settled in to school life now and have been outstanding with their learning! We are so proud of them! Here's what we have been learning this week: GR and English This week we read more of our story and the Princess has travelled thro...
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  • 10/09/20

    Friday 11th September Weekly blog

    Year 3 have made it through their first full week back and have ended it with smiles on their very tired faces!  A huge well done to all of the children for adjusting back to school life so very well. We are so proud of you all. So what have we been learning? English and Guided Reading...
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  • 04/09/20

    4th September - Weekly Blog

    Welcome back everybody! It has been a fantastic two days in year 3. The children have come back excited, ready to learn and their behaviour has been brilliant. In the mornings we have introduced the classes to their new rooms and reminded them of the Chilton Way and our expectations when bac...
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  • 17/07/20

    Writing Competition Results

    Hello everyone, Mr McAuley here with exciting news about the Lock-Down Writing Competition! It is the moment you have all be waiting for, who will be receiving the prizes for their efforts? Firstly, I want to say a huge “thank you” to everyone who got involved and wrote a poem on the...
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  • 16/07/20

    Friday 17th July Learning/fun end of year activities!

    Can you believe it, we've made it to the end of Year 3! A huge well done to all of you who have been completing your learning at home during the coronovirus pandemic. It isn't easy to carry out your learning at home without your teacher and a lot of you have done fantastically well so g...
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  • 15/07/20

    Thursday 16th July - Home Learning

    Only two days left of year 3! Let's see what our penultimate day of learning involves: English Today we will revise the use of subordinating conjunctions to make complex sentences. Watch the video and complete the 3 activities below the video.
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  • 14/07/20

    Wednesday 15th July Learning

    Hello Year 3! Can you believe there are only 3 days left of learning in Year 3?! Here is your work for Wednesday: English Today we will revise our learning about coordinating conjunctions. Open the webpage on the link below, watch the video, read the information and complete the activities. Th...
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  • 13/07/20

    Tuesday 14th July - Home Learning

    Good morning Year 3! We hope you enjoyed yesterday's learning. Let's see what's in store for you today. English Today we will prepare you for Year 4 by revising different word types. Remember a word can be: An adjective (a describing word) such as shiny, enormous, careful A...
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  • 12/07/20

    Monday 13th July - Home Learning

    It's our last week of home learning! Please send in anything that you do this week, as it will be Mr Mason's last chance to see your work before you move to year 4!  Let's get our learning started: English Today we will learn about Limericks. These are a type of poem that f...
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  • 09/07/20

    Friday 10th July - Home Learning

    Good morning Year 3. Let's see what your last day of home learning for the week is: English Reading Today you will be answering questions about chapters 9, 10 and 11.  1) What did Grandpa Joe have in his pillow case? 2) What woke up Grandma Josephine? 3) How does Roald Dah...
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  • 08/07/20

    Thursday 9th July Learning

    Hello Year 3! Welcome to Thursday! It's great to see that, although we are getting close to the end of the term, lots of you are still working very hard at home - keep it up and thank you for your emails. Here is your learning for today: English Reading Read the rest of the chapter t...
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  • 07/07/20

    Wednesday 8th July - Home Learning

    Good morning Year 3. We have had some excellent work sent in to us this week. Keep it up! English Reading Read pages 52 and 53 and predict what you think might happen next. If you already know, describe the emotions Charlie might be feeling. See if you can use some effective emotive languag...
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