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Chilton Primary School

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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3

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  • 11/07/19

    Weekly News - 12th July

    Weekly News -12th July Maths learning This week we have been learning about geometry. We have looked at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We found 3D shapes more challenging but we are able to use mathematical language to describe them. In Team Azure we spend an extra day consolidatin...
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  • 04/07/19

    Weekly News - 5/7/19

      Weekly news Maths We have been learning about lines!! We have learnt about vertical and horizontal lines. We can identify them and solve challenges involving them. We also explored lines of symmetry. We apologise for any teething problems with MyMaths – please let us know if yo...
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  • 02/07/19

    Azure My Maths & Spellings

    All children in Team Azure will be bringing home their MyMaths log in letters tonight. Maths home learning has been set to be completed by the following Friday (12/7/19). Please do come and see either Miss Barrow or Mrs Gale if you have any issues logging on! This afternoon children visited the M...
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  • 24/06/19

    Spellings to learn - Mrs Cousins Spelling Group

    The Year 3 children will be having a spelling test on Friday. This will test them on the spellings that they have been working on all year in the spelling program of study.
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  • 20/06/19

    My Maths online home learning 20.6.19

    Team Peacock will be bringing home a letter tonight with their My Maths login and password details. If you experience any problems logging in, please see Mrs Cousins. They have been set their first My Maths homework task online to please be completed by next Friday. Team Azure will soon be rec...
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  • 20/06/19

    Year 3 Weekly News 21.6.19

    Maths In maths this week we have been learning about length. The children began by measuring lines to the nearest cm, half cm or mm and practising measuring objects in cm. We then moved on to learn how to convert units of measurement using the knowledge that 100cm = 1m. Therefore, 4m = 400cm, hal...
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  • 13/06/19

    Year 3 - 14.6.19

    English This week we have continued our amazing story - 'The Indian in the Cupboard'. We love how the author shows the different feelings of the characters through amazing language.  We have been learning how to 'show not tell' using amazing adjectives, adverbs and power...
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  • 06/06/19

    Year 3 Weekly News 7.6.19

    English In English this week the children have learnt how to create a non-chronological report about spiders. They have learnt how to use organisational devices such as main title, subheadings, captions and bullet points, as well as using the features of a non-chronological report such as writing...
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  • 16/05/19

    Weekly News 17.5.19

    Values This week we have continued to learn about diversity. We have focussed on our wellbeing and thought about ways that we could be positive about ourselves. We have been preparing for our parade and we cannot wait to show you! Maths In Maths we have been learning how to add and subtract...
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  • 10/05/19

    Weekly News 10.5.19

    Year three have had a great week this week. We began our new IPC topic 'How Humans Work'. For our entry point we carried out body MOTs- we drew round ourselves and labelled body part that we knew. It was great fun! In English this week we have continued to read Charlottes Web. We debated...
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  • 26/04/19

    Weekly News 26.4.2019

    A fantastic return to the term for all.
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  • 04/04/19

    Weekly News 5.4.19

    Maths In maths this week, we have been learning to double and halve doubles. The children have learnt to partition the numbers first and then double/halve the ones, then tens and then hundreds (and so on for larger numbers). They then recombine the doubled or halves numbers to get the final...
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