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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3

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  • 16/05/19

    Weekly News 17.5.19

    Values This week we have continued to learn about diversity. We have focussed on our wellbeing and thought about ways that we could be positive about ourselves. We have been preparing for our parade and we cannot wait to show you! Maths In Maths we have been learning how to add and subtract...
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  • 10/05/19

    Weekly News 10.5.19

    Year three have had a great week this week. We began our new IPC topic 'How Humans Work'. For our entry point we carried out body MOTs- we drew round ourselves and labelled body part that we knew. It was great fun! In English this week we have continued to read Charlottes Web. We debated...
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  • 26/04/19

    Weekly News 26.4.2019

    A fantastic return to the term for all.
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  • 04/04/19

    Weekly News 5.4.19

    Maths In maths this week, we have been learning to double and halve doubles. The children have learnt to partition the numbers first and then double/halve the ones, then tens and then hundreds (and so on for larger numbers). They then recombine the doubled or halves numbers to get the final...
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  • 28/03/19

    Reminder - Wednesday is Scavengers and Settlers Dress Up Day

    On Wednesday, we would like the children to come into school dressed up as people from prehistoric times, for example from the Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age.  We will also be opening the class early at 3pm and would like to invite parents and carers to come in to try the prehistoric food...
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  • 22/03/19

    Weekly News 22.3.2019

    We have been exploring narrative writing, persuasion, recounts and revisited time.
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  • 17/03/19

    Weekly News 17.3.19

    Apologies for the late posting of the blog this week.
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  • 07/03/19

    Weekly News

    This week the teams have been exploring using speech to create conversations and using money in a range of contexts.
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  • 01/03/19

    Our tremendous trip to Dover Museum!

    We have had an amazing trip to Dover Museum today. We learnt about the Bronze Age boat that was found in the ground under Dover, we made our very own boat out of clay and we were lucky enough to handle real bronze age artefacts that are 8000 years old! Here are some photos of our day.
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  • 28/02/19

    Weekly News 1.3.19

    English In English this week we have been learning to write Information Texts. In guided reading, the children have read a lot of information about the Stone Age, including information about their tools, homes and clothes. We have also begun to read our new text called Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Ki...
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  • 14/02/19

    Weekly News

    We have been exploring non-fiction text types and have carried our learning with multiplication and division.
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