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One Childhood, One Chance

Year 3

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  • 26/11/21

    Year 3 Weekly News 26.11.21

    English We have continued with our suspense writing this week. Our focus has been to use short, simple sentences, similes and rhetorical questions, all of which help us create some excellent and very spooky narratives! Next week we will be looking at informal letters and using our new Anthon...
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  • 18/11/21

    Year 3 Weekly News 19.11.21

    Maths This week in maths we have been learning about 3d shapes. The children have worked hard to learn the names of the 3d shapes. We have learnt these shapes; cone, cylinder, sphere, cube, cuboid, square-based pyramid, triangle-based pyramid also known as a tetrahedron, hemi-sphere, triangular p...
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  • 12/11/21

    Weekly blog post - 12/11/21

    English This week we have been writing our own version of Into The Forest. We have been using compound sentences and fronted adverbials to make our narrative descriptive and exciting. Next week we will be starting suspense writing, creating tension by using new skills such as rhetorical...
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  • 05/11/21

    Year 3 Weekly News 5.11.21

    Maths In maths this week we have been learning about equivalent fractions. These are fractions that are equal. We began by using shapes to find equivalent fractions and then moved on to using a fraction wall (see homework task below). Here they are completing a matching fraction game toda...
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  • 22/10/21

    Weekly Blog post: 22.10.21

    Well done for a wonderful first term in Year 3. We are all very happy with your start to the year. Keep it up! English For our final week of English this term we have been reading the story of Medusa and Athena. We have been describing the characters using the skills we have learnt this t...
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  • 15/10/21

    Year 3 Weekly News - 15.10.21

    What have we been up to this week? English This week the children have been learning to begin their sentences with fronted adverbials. A fronted adverbial is a phrase or word that goes at the beginning of a sentence to describe the action that comes after it. We have finished reading our text...
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  • 08/10/21

    Weekly Blog Post - 08.10.21

    English This week, we started our new book, The Green Ship by Quentin Blake. We have been rewriting the story, focusing on dialogue. We have learnt how to use inverted commas when writing speech and how to use verbs and adverbs to express how someone is saying something. Here is an example...
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  • 01/10/21

    Year 3 Weekly News 1.10.21

    Maths This week we have been learning to multiply. We began the week using arrays to multiply single digit numbers e.g. 7 X 5 = the children draw 7 rows of 5 dots and then count in 5s, and then moved on to just counting so for 8 X 3 = the children hold up 8 fingers and count in 3s: 3,6,9,12...
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  • 24/09/21

    Weekly Blog — 24.9.21

    English This week, we have been focusing on using coordinating conjunctions to create compound sentences in our writing. We have been creating narratives to show our compound sentences, using The Princess and The White Bear King story to help us. We are also beginning to use subordinating co...
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  • 17/09/21

    Year 3 Weekly Blog 17.9.21

    We have had another great week in Year 3! Here is what we have been up to... Maths In maths we have been learning to add this week. We began with a partitioning method: e.g. 86 + 47 =    Partition each number so 80 + 6 + 40 + 7...
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  • 10/09/21

    Weekly Blog: 10/9/21

    English This week, we have started reading our new book 'The Princess and The Bear King'. We have used the story to help us describe characters such as the bear, the Princess and the King and Queen. We have used expanded noun phrases and similes to describe the character's appearance...
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