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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Love to Learn and Spellings to learn 18.10.19

Love to Learn


For this week's Love to Learn maths challenge, we would like to children to keep a diary of one day in their half term break. We'd like them to record at least 5 things that they do that day and what the time is when they do it. E.g. Breakfast at quarter past 8, play football at half past 10, lunch at 25 minutes past 12 etc.


We have been learning to start sentences with fronted adverbials (these are words or phrase that go at the start of a sentence to describe the action that follows) and would like the children to practice using these in 5 sentences. You can choose from these, or you can think of some of your favourite ones that you learnt in class;

Without warning,

In the blink of an eye,


All of a sudden,

As quick as a flash,

The very next day,

After a while,




Mr Mason's group:

adventure             capture            creature             picture          mixture              temperature           fracture

Mrs Cousins' group:

loudly            kindly            quickly          slowly         

happily          luckily                    (for happy and lucky, remember to change the y to an i before adding ly)

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