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Weekly News 6.3.20

What have we been learning this week?


In maths this week we have been learning about some more measures - length and mass. We have learnt how to measure lines either to the nearest cm, half cam or to the nearest mm. We have also compared lengths by measuring. The children have also been measuring larger objects this week using metre sticks or tape measures. They have learnt that 100 cm is equal to 1m, and half a meter is 50cm. When learning about mass, the children have read scales. They have learnt how to work out what each interval on the scale is worth so that they can read the mass show on the weighing scales. We have looked at scales that go up in 2s, 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s, 50s, 100s, 150s, 200s, halves and not all of the numbers were shown on the scale.


For book week we have been learning about Shakespeare! We have studied Macbeth this week and the children have loved it and been absolutely fantastic at showing their understanding of it. Throughout the week we have undertaken role play to act out the opening scene of the story, created artwork with vocabulary, written character and setting descriptions and finished with a newspaper report. The learning focus of the week was to use fronted adverbials in their writing. These are words or phrases that can be used to start a sentence that describe the action that follows. Some fronted adverbials that we used are...

Slowly,...             Almost unbelievably, ...            Just then,....           In his castle,.......          Everyday,.....          In the blink of an eye,......


In RE this week the children have been learning about what we know about Jesus. They have learnt that we cannot be sure what Jesus looked like because there are no written records of his appearance and there were no pictures of him created until over 150 years after he died. They have learnt that Christians believe in Jesus, and that not all faiths do. We then thought about some of the stories of Jesus in the bible and what they are trying to tell us about Jesus.      

Love to Learn

Find 5 facts about magnets and magnetism.

Spellings to Learn

Mrs Cousins' group - donkey, monkey, valley, alley, trolley, key, chimney

Mr Mason's group - capture, departure, creature, sculpture, temperature, puncture, adventure


Friday 13th March is Sports Relief and we will be holding a dancathon! The children are invited to come into school in sporty clothes or dance gear for a donation to sports relief.

We would like to let you now that Team Sapphire have a student teacher working with Mrs Cousins to teach the class until July. Mr Harrison has been teaching English in a secondary school and is very much enjoying his time in Team Sapphire so far.

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