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Chilton Primary School

Chilton Primary School

One Childhood, One Chance

Home Learning Tuesday 24.3.20

Morning Year 3. We hope you enjoyed the first chapter of the Cornflake Coin. Today you will read some more!

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Open oxford owl e books (registering is very quick and free). You can register and read the books here

Reading: Read chapter 2 of ‘Cornflake Coin’. Answer these questions about the chapter:

Why do Kerry and Omar burst into Mr Hart’s office?

What did the writing on the coin say?

Where does the coin actually come from?

Why did Kerry’s heart sink?

What does Mr Hart say to try to cheer up Kerry?

Would you like to be friends with Matt Thorn? Explain why or why not.

Writing: Imagine that you are Kerry and Omar and you find a REAL gold coin! Write a dairy entry as if you are Kerry or Omar explain what happened. Write in the first person. Include… where you found it, how you found it, how you felt when you found it, what will you do with the coin now? Use the fronted adverbial sheet again to help you start your sentences.

You could start…

Dear diary,

You’ll never believe what happened today! Late in the afternoon, I was digging around in the mud and I saw something glimmering.


Practice telling the time by completing the worksheet below that best suits your level.


Many children across the world are making rainbows to put in their windows to cheer people up while they are having to stay at home. At school yesterday we made one each. For task for this afternoon is to make your own rainbow and put it in a window of your house. We'd love to see any photos of your rainbows on the Chilton hash tag on instagram #chiltonhomelearning

Here is Mrs Cousins' rainbow, we hope you like it...

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