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One Childhood, One Chance

Term 5! Welcome back! Home Learning for Thursday 16th April 2020

Welcome back to Term 5 Year 3! We hope that you have had a great Easter holidays and haven't eaten too many chocolate eggs! The weather has been lovely so we hope that you have managed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

There isn't any news yet on when we will be returning to school but do not fear Mr Mason and I will be keeping in contact, we will keep putting your work on here daily and we would love to keep receiving your emails!



Today and tomorrow we will be doing a little poetry. Read the poem attached called ‘I wish I was a pirate’ by Tony Bradman.

Reading: Read the poem. This is a rhyming poem – in the first verse, down rhymes with brown. Write down a list of all the other rhyming pairs in the poem. Then add some more to each pair of rhyming words, for example, I could add frown and crown to brown and down.

Writing: We’d like you to write your own pirate poem tomorrow. Today you can gather your ideas – write down 5 things you’d like to do if you were a pirate. Maybe you’d like to hunt for golden treasure. Then think of a rhyming word that will help you in your poem. So I need to think of a word that will rhyme with treasure; I could use pleasure or measure. Maybe you’d like to sail over the seas, so think of words that rhyme with seas like breeze or trees.

This is a helpful website where you can put in your word and it will give you rhyming word ideas:


Today we would like you to practise finding fractions of numbers.

To find 1/5 of 35, you divide 35 by 5, we have done this by counting in 5s (the denominator) until we reach 35 and holding up your fingers as you count, you will hold up 7 fingers so the answer to 1/5 of 35 is 7. You may just know that 7x5 is 35 if you know your times tables.

Remember if the numerator is more than one, for example 3/5 instead of 1/5, you need to multiply by this number after the above step.

E.g. 3/5 of 35 = 7 x 3 = 21

Choose the worksheet that best suits your level from the attachments below to practise this skill.


This term we are starting a new topic called FLOWER POWER!

To start you off we’d like to see if you can name these common flowering plants.

Open the sheet below and see if you can write the flower's names. We’d also like you to either go on a walk (make sure you keep 2 metres away from others) and see if you can find these plants – you could make a tally chart of how many you see of each type or take photos of the plants you find. Or you can have a go at drawing some of them yourself. Look at them closely and try to include as much detail as you can and use the correct colours if you can.

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